ZTGD | Renegade Ops Review

Ken McKown writes: It is no secret that Avalanche Studios is officially on my ‘watch’ list when it comes to developers. I mean, these are the guys that churned out Just Cause 2, which was one of the last games I sank more than 50 hours into. Renegade Ops is their latest effort, and it comes in the form of a top-down twin stick shooter that harkens back to a little-known 80s title called Jackal. Of course, the fruits of today’s games are included, and honestly, games like this haven’t been this fun in ages. If you enjoy these types of games, then Renegade Ops is a must buy.

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bacrec12520d ago

I keep forgetting to buy this. Love those visuals.

Rampaged Death2520d ago

It's my favourite downloadable game so far this year and one of my favourite all time XBLA games.