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Drewminati2188d ago

This is blizzard doesn't surprise me at all , disappointed though

As long as starwars get released this year i'll be ok

Perjoss2188d ago

I'm a huge star wars fan, I also enjoy MMO games, but from what I've seen so far I'm staying away from Old Republic.

Spinal2188d ago

I will give swtor a try but those gameplay vids are definitely a sign of a game that i wont stick to.

Guild Wars 2 however looks to be somethin amazin.

Thecraft19892188d ago

Since when was dated for 2011 anyway ?

Daver2188d ago

they were trying to release it by the end of 2011 but they were not sure if they would hit the target. We get this answer now

joydestroy2188d ago

yes! i knew it was coming sometime next year =D

Baka-akaB2188d ago

Wait beta started officially not so long ago and you expect Blizzard to release the game a few months later ?

Some people clearly never learns or dont know blizzard

NiteX2188d ago

Ah well, now I dont have to go back and forth between D3 and SWTOR.