CVG Fallout 3 Interview: "360 is our lead platform"

Segment of the Interview:

CVG: What are you working on at the moment with Fallout 3?

Hines: We're working towards getting everything into the game. The world hasn't finished being built yet so we're still in the process of putting all of the content in the game, fleshing everything out and playing quests. That sort of thing.

CVG: Are all three versions of the game at the same stage of development?

Hines: For the most part. 360 is our lead platform. Our devs are just big fans of the dev tools available on the 360 and so that's our lead. But PC, PS3, 360 - they're all chugging along.

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Multigamer4048d ago

no guesing which platform they prefer and no guessing which version will be the best to.

El_Colombiano4048d ago

It's okay, everybody makes mistakes...

Leathersoup4048d ago

When you consider that the PS3 audience is smaller than that of the Xbox 360 and is primarily made up of JPRG fans it makes sense that they would develop it for a console on which there are a higher percentage of people who prefer the western style RPG.

That and of course the fact that as the article says, the Xbox is easier to develop for.

JsonHenry4048d ago

It is? That is funny, because every thing I have read to date is based on the PC version... you mean the lead CONSOLE port is the 360?

Eternal E 8084047d ago

^^^haha true but that must mean the ps3 is a port...port.

barom4047d ago

Oblivion was a port, and it's the superior version of the console ports. So it's all good. I highly doubt Bethesda gonna disappoint the PS3 fans. However, a delay i might expect.

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gamesblow4048d ago

Nah, This is one port I'm not worried about... Oblivion was better for the ps3 in everyway. Framerate, draw distance and graphics. They'll do a good job on the PS3 version. They have a working knowledge of the system now and their 1st game was amazing.

It shouldn't have to be so 1 sided, yet... it always is with fanboys like yourself.

The WildAttorney4048d ago

NOT TRUE! The current version of Oblivion is not better on the PS3. See my comment later on in this thread.

unlimited4048d ago

PS3 Oblivion is slightly better then the 360 version even though xbots will be in denial..

I hope they do good job in porting and their wont be any difference just like call of duty 4 and assassin creed..

S1D3 EFFEC74048d ago

The PS3 version of Oblivion had 10 more months of development time, and thats one advantage the PS3's version of Fallout 3 can't count on.

LONEWOLF2314048d ago

Yeah and it also had a year to get fine tuned unlike the 360!

Snukadaman4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

what ever happend too "the most powerful console out on the market"??? please...Im not trying too make trouble..but it seems like every friggan game on the ps3 has problems...yet some people admit it...yet still accept them...lets be honest here...warhawk not keeping stats until a while ago...drops from multiplayer games like ending bugs on assasins creed...its from the firmware...most people recognize it...Im sorry but it seems that some people accept these problems and say..well maybe next time....its been almost a year now and the excuses are running out folks...its just so frustrating that some people blindly accept these problems...I would glady purchase a ps3 if there were reasons beside "wait till 08 or till mgs4"/

Oh and also about oblivion...there was a patch for lighting a other effects that made the ps3 version better for the both are on par.

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InMyOpinion4048d ago

Timed exclusive due to PS3 problems for sure.

gamesblow4048d ago

You can't possibly think the Ps3's programming problems will always be around, can you? Please... they've already gotten 10 folds better, what's another year going to do for development? there will be a time when Ps3 is a smooth operation, just because you're a fanboy and you're too poor to own more than 1 system don't make it right to harsly judge another. PS3 will be fine. If not more diverse with what it offers in house... Diversity is the key to attract new consumers. And there is always new consumers who haven't bought it.

I see Sony doing way more "things" on the side than anyone right now. Eye toy, Home, Singstar... these things will add up.

InMyOpinion4048d ago

Are you blaming me for being poor? Who's judging who? At least I purchased my 360 with my own money. It's obvious you did'nt since you made it pretty clear that you're too stupid to save up that kind of money by yourself. "Daddy, can I have a PS3?" Ring a bell? lol!

xsteinbachx4048d ago


he's said nothing, and implied nothing about being poor he was actually having an intelligent rebuttal, all you've done is made yourself look like a fool, and show your ignorance.

congratulations fan boy. you lose.

xsteinbachx4048d ago

i was trying to see if i could spark some intelligence out of you, but i was greatly mistaken.

socsca4047d ago

Actually, before you call people stupid, stupid, maybe you ought to learn how to read: "just because you're a fanboy and you're too poor to own more than 1 system".
So yah, he did call him poor and his responce was legitimate.

Seriously, that was some dumass sh!t.

Are you his girlfriend? Or are you HIM,? Considering that guy seems to say a lot of fanboyish stuff and is hence losing bubbles...

maggotmx4047d ago

hes still a fanboy regardless ... still pretty stupid if u ask me

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Douchebaggery4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

That quote is way more interesting than the falmebait title

Sexius Maximus4048d ago

Unless you're an old school gamer, (and hardcore at that) you wouldn't know who that was. Very cool.

TruthbeTold4047d ago

Chrono on Super Smash Bros Brawl. Nu would be a cool assist trophy. :)

BigPenguin4047d ago

Everything begins with nu, everything ends with nu. This is what I believe, at least for now.

They need to port that game over to a handheld already. I would purchase it, just like I repurchased FFT, FF6, and Disgaea. Dont care that I already have them, I need a bathroom copy :P

predator4048d ago

this game is going to be amazing on all 3 platforms.