PlayStation Home Gets Free-To-Play First-Person Shooter

PushSquare: "We've been mulling over the possibility of a free-to-play PlayStation Home first-person shooter in our heads for months now. We concluded that some kind of paintball game would make the most sense. But Sony's gone further, announcing Bootleggers, a full-on free-to-play first-person shooter set within the PlayStation Home universe."

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Sithlord-Gamble2431d ago

This is a good idea,I hope it works. However, if they really want it to entice alot of people to play n b on Home more often, they should include trophy support for these games. Yea trophy whoring is annoying to some, but the trophy whores would help to supply a continuous community.

sorceror1712431d ago

So why didn't they have this stuff at the start? :)

SonyStyled2431d ago

theres been a shooter and poker in home for a while. yes the shooter is a shooter, not a little arcade game. its called conspiracy. i think it was a TPS though. i didnt play too much into it though. it was a break into the bad guys building, steal info, dont get caught by the security camras, deactivate them or avoid them, shoot security that finds you type game. secret agent stuff. sony doesnt advertise updates and additions to home, so much goes missed to those who dont use home. sonys meerely just advertising or re-imaging home changing this and that around to bring back those who havent used it since 2008. i log on into home a few times a month. theres actually quite alot there. it seems the only people that bitch about home being boring are those who havent visited in years to see how much its changed

TheFallenAngel2431d ago

may have a lot of potential. Just don't make wait in line to play.

r212431d ago

an FPS on PS home? hopefully it works out well.

cj1pate1012431d ago Show
ginsunuva2431d ago

Home shouldn't be used for minigames. Who is in charge of Home? They really have no set vision do they?

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