RAGE To Contain Doom, Quake & Wolfenstein Level Easter Eggs

id Software has confirmed that their upcoming shooter RAGE will contain easter eggs celebrating Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Quake - with small emulated levels hidden behind secret doors.

Dealspwn reports: "We were able to see the Wolfenstein 3D easter egg in action on RAGE's first level: a tense battle against the ghost clan. Since Wolfenstein is all about finding secrets by bumping into walls and spamming the action key, doing so in a deserted corner of the level revealed a classic blue brick room with a collectable (and eminently sell-able) goblet. Willits confirmed that there will also be similar Quake and Doom secrets scattered around later levels."

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TheROsingleB2523d ago

I absolutely love stuff like this. Good job ID

Highlife2523d ago

I loved Wolfenstein. Mein leben.

Quagmire2523d ago

Awesome, nice reference to the classic FPS which made the genre where it is today.

I was hoping they actually included the classic games as an unlockable on the disc itself, that would be awesome.

yess2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I like to not know about the easter eeg's when i find them...
Well! to late...

MasterD9192523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I'd love to be able to walk into one of the locations in Rage and play DOOM or the original Wolfenstein via an in-game computer or an old machine.

That would be awesome.

kramun2523d ago

That would be an excellent touch, they could put quake and doom in there and it would add a lot of gameplay time lol. Wouldn't take up a lot of disc space either.

MasterD9192523d ago

It should only be a few MB's at most! Those games could run on virtually any PC now...for a console it would be a joke. It could even be patched in potentially.

I wish they did something like that really though...Not to throw any praise to COD but Black Ops did something similar where they included an arcade game on a in-game computer. Genius idea...and ID loves throwing praise to their old games. I won't call it a wasted opportunity but I don't think they thought of that....Its a damn shame too.

Blues Cowboy2523d ago

Or Commander Keen, if they really want to get nostalgic. ;)

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