WAAR (Wide Area Augmented Reality) is a real game changer for the psvita

Lans from TecStories writes: Im shocked to see how little hype this feature is getting. Using AR in videogames is not new, but the vita's implementation of AR games look very convincing and full of possibilities, here is a video showing fresh footage that i stumbled upon showing WAAR in action. Im seriously stoked for the feature, hopefully developers can make less traditional console type games and take full advantage of the psvita functionality.

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Wintersun6162407d ago

It'll be interesting to see what kinds of games they'll make that utilize this feature.

Muerte24942407d ago

Can you picture everyone in your biology class virtually dissecting an animated frog? Or exploring the insides of the human body without reenacting an episode from the Magic School Bus. So much potential there to capitalize on. Just hope Sony puts this in the right developer's hands. "cough, Level 5, cough"

Malice-Flare2407d ago

that part with the dog can be Sony's way to have a Nintendogs style game on the PSV. that alien surgery was cool too...

StrifeHawkins2407d ago

like how you check out the ships in wipeout looks pretty cool :p

Zero232406d ago

why the fuck hasn't konami made a yugioh ar game yet?

xX-Jak-Xx2406d ago

yeah i hope they will make one for the Vita soon

Hellas132406d ago

I hope we see something from magic the gathering too

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The story is too old to be commented.