Neocrisis: Major Move Sale on Games and Accessories (50% off) - Gamestop

Neocrisis: I was at my local GameStop and i saw one major sale on the Move accessories and some of its games. If you did not want you spend so much on Move, now is definitely the time to do it. This amazing sale ends October 2nd.

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dragunrising2559d ago

I was thinking about buying the Move charging dock and/or the sharpshooter. Anyone prefer the sharpshooter?

LOGICWINS2559d ago

The Sharpshooter is great for SP. It adds a whole new level of challenge and satisfaction to the game. Headshots in KZ3 are much more satisfying since you can pull them off very often with the Sharpshooter. For $20, I'd say its worth getting. For online multiplayer though, id stick with the Move/Nav combo.

eraursls842559d ago

I don't normally go to gamestop, but I did for this deal. I got fight: lights out a move controller, a nav controller, and a Sharp shooter for $70, and I got the sports champion bundle from a local game store earlier that day for $50. I wish I had the money to go get more move and nav controllers while they are on sale, but I'm sure this sale will happen again this year.