Ninja Theory all but confirm Enslaved sequel will never happen

"Despite rave reviews, Ninja Theory's 'Enslaved: Odyssey to the West' will most certainly not get the sequel it deserves"

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bacrec12465d ago

Great, now about that Heavenly Sword......

Tanir2465d ago

yeah, im glad they are stopping enslaved, wasn't it supposed to be a trilogy? i think the characters weren't that likable compared to the cast of heavenly sword, and the gameplay in general wasn't as good as heavenly swords, just hope they make a sequel to HS

even if DMC will suck atleast they can use what they learned from making dmc on HS2, could be pretty dang awesome

Venox20082465d ago

too bad, improved sequel of Enslaved would be good :/

Quagmire2465d ago

Why not? Worked with Assassin's Creed.

nickjkl2465d ago

you want the people who did that to dante working on another game

10 years of classic dante capcom gives it to ninja theory and then lets change dante

lets make the game run at 30 fps and not 60 fps

Merrill2465d ago

Thank goodness. Enslaved, in my honest opinion was terrible. It sold bad, it played bad, it was a bad game, regardless of the great acting done by Andy Serkis.

strange19862465d ago

People always seem to commend this game for its heart and soul and the character interactions. While I agree that this was the games strength, the bottom line is that it wasn't that fun to play. Oh well, I won't really miss the franchise.

GrieverSoul2465d ago

OMG! Finally I see some commnents more in line with mine. I honestly didnt see the appeal that some people have over Enslaved.

The game was BAD! The story had potential but it wasnt nothing we havent seen in scifi moveis like the Matrix por example.

Merrill2465d ago

The only good parts of the game were when you weren't playing.

coolbeans2465d ago

We get it. Your first post pointed out you don't like the game.

a08andan2465d ago

I liked this game! I enjoyed the gameplay, especially the parts where you needed to use the wakeboard-ish thingy :) Loved the story as well, loved how the relationship between them grew with the story progression. It was a great game in my opinion!

DeleteThisxx2465d ago

I thought it was a great game too.

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The story is too old to be commented.