Mass Effect 3 Legion Artwork Looks Better Than Reality

Mass Effect 3 is a very, very pretty game - certainly, there's no denying that fact. But Polish artist Patryk Olekniczak isn't quite convinced that it's beautiful enough, because he's been producing incredible HD artwork inspired by the game on his DeviantART page for quite some time now. his latest, a fantastic representation of everyone's favorite highly accurate talking Geth, Legion, is stunning to behold.

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SOD_Delta2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Looks really good. I like Legion & Garrus.

Nate-Dog2438d ago

Man this guy has got some skill, this is just beautiful. Legion was one of my favourite new characters if not my favourite (although it's hard to push Mordin aside).

fatalred alarm2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I like legion, but come on.. better than reality?

EDIT: Not that you can come across a geth in your local supermarket, but still.

Quagmire2438d ago

You never know. I mean those security cameras they have hung up on the walls?

Yeah...think about it.

Megaton2438d ago

Yeah, looks way better than those real life Geth I see everywhere.

Jack_DangerousIy2438d ago

My legion got his head shot off... :/ ... I remember being relieved that the robot was the one crew member that I lost. As he/it was the only character I didn't have some kind of a connection with.

FlashBack2438d ago

Mine too, I lost Legion, Mordin, Thane ( favorite ) and Zaeed, bad times.... but I prefer this rather than replaying the game and get no feeling of consequence

Megaton2438d ago

No way I'd import a ME2 save with dead allies. I want everyone alive for ME3.

Jack_DangerousIy2438d ago

I feel the same way... Had Jacob or God forbid Miranda(lol) died I would have kept moving forward knowing that I had gotten them killed.

When Legion's head popped off I remember being so tensed up because I knew then and there how dire the situation was. I love that about the game.

theonlylolking2438d ago

Sucks for you. The only one I lost was that bald girl that I did not like.

FlashBack2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

yeah I forgot Jack,she also died, but she kinda had it coming, I didn't even play her missions, hated her

When I repeat Mass Effect, I will repeat the whole trilogy together

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