Hooper: RAGE single player campaign will last around 15 hours

Id Software's upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter, "RAGE", will offer fans quite a lengthy campaign, according to Matt Hooper.

Hopper spoke about game's main storyline and also revealed many details about what fans can expect from RAGE. Hopper confirmed that single player campaign will last nearly 15 hours.

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BizDaWolf2517d ago

wow I thought this game was going to be long

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gillri2517d ago

with so many games out this season ive gotta leave some until next year

along with Rage that will have to be Zelda : SS, Dark Souls, Rage and MW3

this game has never interested me that much

not when UC3, Skyrim and BF3 are on the horizon

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beast242tru2517d ago

not bad i finished all call of duty games in a single sitting

Drazz2517d ago

Nba 2k12, Rage, Batman, Battlefield, uncharted, assassin's creed, need for speed, halo combat anniversary, skyrim. (My 2011 List)

Raider692517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Out with AC:revelations,NFS The run! In with Dark souls,KUF 2 and maybe Forza 4,Silent Hill: Downpour and Saints Row: The Third if the framerate is smooth and doesn't have the horribly screen tearing of the latest two games.

hard joe2517d ago

that's quiet long for an FPS

MidnytRain2517d ago

Haven't played an FPS that long since Resistance: Fall of Man.

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The story is too old to be commented.