Disgaea Android: Free to Play, Pay-per-character

RPGLand spoke to NISA briefly in Tokyo and discovered, "Downloading the game will be free and require no subscription, but players will pay for each individual character they choose to bring into their fold."

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imoutofthecontest2489d ago

I wonder how much each one will cost, exactly. Could be the determining factor in a lot of sales. Like how much will it cost to build a decent army?

Jdoki2489d ago

Yup. I can't recall the most I've spent on an Android game, but it can't be more than £5.

Sounds like this game could get very expensive.

knifefight2489d ago

Ah, that's how they getcha. When I first heard it was F2P I knew there had to be a catch. Thought it would just be stages though. Characters? Ouch!