Mad Catz Tritton 7.1 Gears of War 3 Headset Review (

"Laying it on the line, the Tritton 7.1 Gears of War 3 Headset isn’t cheap. Retailing at £169.99 from the Mad Catz store means that you are laying out a serious investment, but if you are serious about gaming audio, or indeed multiplayer gaming, once you have this headset in your home you’ll wonder what you ever did without it."

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LOGICWINS2369d ago

Meh, I'm happy with my 5.1 AxPros.

FlameBaitGod2369d ago

Mine died in less than 2 years and I always treated them good. Sound quality was pro while it lasted

Parasyte2369d ago

Never had a pair of Trittons before. I've always had my Turtle Beach X1s, but they broke after 2 years of use.

Have you had any problems with the build quality of the AX Pros? I ask because I'm looking into buying a new headset, and I've heard the Trittons break easily.

LOGICWINS2369d ago

I gt my second pair about 2 years ago for free because I was within warranty. Has worked fine ever since. I'm assuming that the pairs that are selling now are even MORE durable. So I wouldn't worry if your planning on getting a pair. It comes with a free one year warranty.

dirthurts2369d ago

But gears of war only supports 5.1...
Unless I missed something.

Jobesy2369d ago

You missed the part that these will work with other games than Gears.

LOGICWINS2369d ago

But the headset is being marketed as a "Gears of War 3" headset. You don't find it odd that a 7.1 headset is marketing a 5.1 game?

Jobesy2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

It's a madcatz tritton 7.1 gears of war 3 headset, not madcatz tritton gears of war 3 7.1 headset.

dirthurts2369d ago

Well actually the xbox 360 supports no higher than 5.1
So I'm guessing they overlooked that? Probably some sort of audio upscaling, which I never like. Channel to channel or nothing for me.

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outlawlife2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

astros are exspensive, not the best

I own a set of astros along with the mixamp, they sound good but people preach their superiority like it is isn't any better than my X41s and in some aspects the x41s sound better

the astros have better midrange but the abss on the TB's destroys the astros

I use my turtle beach x41s 90% of the time...astros barely get touched anymore

the mic on the astros is garbage and the sound isn't a vast improvement over the TB

my only complaints of the TB set is the batteries and sporadic wifi interference

coming from someone who owns a pile of headsets I gotta say the astros are not worth the price...especially with the terrible mic....astro sent me 2 new mics and none were any good

I've had the TB for 2 years now and the astros for a year or so

kingPoS2369d ago

At the the risk of starting a fire....ok here goes!

I really don't like it when sellers advertise a 7.1 headset for a game that doesn't support it.(if any)
And since when could 7.1 get through optical anyhow? Its probably simulated. oh well apples and oranges

Blacktric2369d ago

Well Tritton is also going to release 2 new headsets this holiday season. Both of them are wireless and one of them has true 7.1 surround sound support. And get this; both of them are exclusive to Xbox 360 and like you said, why would anyone buy a true 7.1 headset for a console that can't do 7.1? As far as I know all Xbox 360 games support 5.1 but can't do 7.1. Granted, the headset (titled Warhead) looks cool and has great features like dual swappable li-ion rechargable batteries so you can put the extra one into the wireless transmitter base and charge it while using the other. But why would anyone buy it, since it's exclusive to Xbox 360, is beyond me.

kingPoS2369d ago

The way I see it, no one said you can't use it the on ps3.(not that i want of it) Heck what kind of 5.1 headset doesn't use optic anyway.(smirk)

Who wants to have change batteries for a
headset/pad? G*d forbid they get lost somehow.

Blacktric2369d ago

They're co-branded with Microsoft so they're exclusive to Xbox 360 (also got Xbox 360 logo on top of the earpad bridge). We don't even know if they'll be usable with PC's yet. And dual rechargable batteries are actually a nice touch. And we also don't know if it'll use the USB or optical yet. The only details released so far are simple stuff. We don't even know the price but rumor has it that it'll be around £200.

GodisaGeek2369d ago

For the record we actually tested this on PS3 recently - and it does work on PS3 too, but it's clearly designed for Xbox 360 use, the cables bundled allow for all manner of Xbox 360 revisions to connect easily.

The device is USB powered, and if you use the optical out from PS3 it works just fine.

...and yeah, it's Gears of War 3 *branded*, it plays other games too! :-)