Turn 10 details Forza 4 car pack prices and other details

XMNR: Turn 10 and Microsoft announced the Season Pass for Forza Motorsport 4 today that allows gamers to pre-purchase the first six months' worth of DLC for the racing sim at a 30 percent discount. Dan Greenwalt provides additional details on how much car packs will cost when purchased without the Season Pass and how these DLC cars will be available beyond multiplayer.

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IaussieGamer2524d ago

wow that is a huge rip off.

Enmson2524d ago

i don't think that is a bad thing as long as they support the game like how gran turismo has

IaussieGamer2524d ago

I doubt they will support the game like GT5. After all How many patches came out for Fm3? Yeap None. And this paying for a season pass just to get discounts on the first 6 dlc wow that is a big rip off. I was considering getting a 360 again for this game but now Ill forget that and stick with GT5.

RedDragan2524d ago

The game isn't out and already they are planning DLC. That is such a con!

Anything that is planned as DLC before release is blatant cashing in and exploitation. I can't believe the company is allowed to get away with this from gamers as all gamers should be demanding the already planned DLC content be ready as part of the original package.

And why is it always the American companies that pull off this stunt? Are American people really that disillusioned with life that they no longer want to challenge anything 'big business' does anymore?

Projekt7tuning2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

I'm pretty sure the reason their having DLC car packs is for one, new cars that come out in the future, also ALMS cars. They are now the official game of the ALMS which may be a way for them to at least get the Flying Lizards GT3 Porsche, and the Falken tires GT3 Porsche into the game. Two, it will be for the specialty car groups and clubs out there to get there favorite cars into the game. They also may still be working on licenses for certain race tracks around the world. like they did with the Nurburg GP track. It takes a long time to map out the tracks foot by foot. That's the way iRacing has been doing it. iRacing gives you enough cars and tracks to start, then you can pick tracks and cars ala carte or in packs. As far as Forza 3 goes, it didn't need daily patches like GT5 did. I bought GT5 the day It came out and had to install a huge patch right off the bat. It seemed like nearly everyday for the first few months GT5 needed a patch every time you played it. That was frustrating as hell when you want to just jump right back into the game. GT5 and Forza are my favorite two games for each system. They both have there charms, But to say GT5 is a better game because it needed a patch everyday is just wrong. These are consoles not PCs.
I honestly think there still trying to have the ALMS and Porsche themselves put the pressure on EA to get Porsche back into the game. Turn 10 had already said they had 30 new models they were going to introduce before the cock block. They also said their trying to use their partners to pressure EA back into allowing Turn 10 to use Porsche again.
Here's the thing, you don't even have to buy any of the DLC. Their trying a new model that many game company's are trying and offering the hardcore crowd a discount.

No Way2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Honestly, though, if they are still working on getting licenses, well..
That's not the gamers fault and should 'not' be charged to obtain them.
Obviously, these DLC packs will charge the customers to download them.

But, it doesn't matter much to me, there are plenty of cars. I won't buy.

iamgoatman2523d ago

"After all How many patches came out for Fm3? Yeap None."

They released a ton of patches you blithering idiot. Go troll somewhere else.

Megaton2524d ago

"Greenwalt says that this will 'offer players more flexibility and choice to get the cars they want'."

You know what would offer players even more flexibility and choice? Putting the cars on the disc where they probably were in the first place. They'd be getting all that flexibility and choice for the $60 they're already shelling out. The day-1 DLC isn't cool when anyone does it. That stuff is always blatantly removed from the disc.

MaxXAttaxX2524d ago

Very true.
That "flexibility" excuse made no sense to me.

RBdrift2524d ago

Geez ,sounds like T10 is making a cookie cutter from the last game and rip off people again for there $60 bucks plus "DLC". Sadly people well buy like idiots and T10 well do it again in one year when they hash out FM5.

Godmars2902524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

So Anyone else wonder if there's only one disc, how much content exactly is going to be offered as DLC?

You realize that they're just talking about initial DLC, right? that there's going to be more.

JellyJelly2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

They could have done like GT5 and have us pay $50 more for just 5 cars (instead of 10) by including them in a "limited edition".

Instead we get 10 cars for $7. Not too bad in comparison.

MintBerryCrunch2524d ago

you do realize you can get all of those cars in the game, only difference is the livery

i really dont get why you are bringing up a limited edition of a game to DLC

JellyJelly2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

If you can get all the cars in the game that makes it even more of a rip-off.

I'm bringing it up because of the three people whining about it being a rip-off above (and below) me. Shedding some perspective on it.

NoOoB1012524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

First off no..those cars cant be bought..they r limited chrome line. U can buy those cars but they are not the limited chrome line.

Second off the limited edition costs 50 more is because of the liveries..not the damn exclusive cars.

To even bring up a limited edition against DLC is the most stupid thing iv ever heard to defend something. I'm sorry but that was really low.
The only perspective u brought too this is how low u will go to prove ur point. Its like saying everyone got ripped off for purchasing ANY limited edition because a different dev team releases day one content for cheaper.

The fact still remains is that those cars Forza is giving as DLC could have been in game..or rather released later on and not on release day. It goes for any Dev who releases dlc day one that everyone else bashes..but all of sudden its ok for turn 10 too? absolutely not. I don't support day one content for any game and neither should u. Thats why devs cut content cuz people like u will defend purchasing it day one despite just paying 60$ for the game.

And btw this is what was included with Gt5 limited edition. That could be the reason for the price and not the cars? -_______-

BlmThug2523d ago

Even worse if thats true. Haha 50$ for liveries

F4sterTh4nFTL2524d ago

... any other company I simply tell them to fuck off unless they offer great value for my money.

Enmson2524d ago

then i feel sorry for you :(
if you let them continue then they will keep doing it all the time and that is not a good thing

Projekt7tuning2524d ago

Seems like most of the people here bitching about this don't even have a 360. Anyone else noticing this trend lol.

TyrionL2523d ago

Yep, that’s the way it always is here. Then a truly great game like Gears 3 comes out and they’re all, "It was good but had this that and the other problems". Yet these same people will never call out obvious flaws in a PS3 exclusive. It's just a joke to me. Really funny, especially when half of them probably don’t have a 360. The other day I saw someone talking about how Gears 3 got boring shooting the same 3 or 4 enemy types over and over, yet I was on the 3rd act and had already encountered more than 12 different enemy types. I really think these people just make shit up to troll. It’s an absolute joke.I own all consoles and like them all, but I will get called a fanboy for defending the 360 and/or its games more often than the PS3’s. Logically on this site if you own and like both console, which one do you think you would have to defend more often? (not that I HAVE to, I just do like to comment) I see the 360 bashed 15 times for every 1 time the PS3 gets bashed, so I think it would be pure logic I would say that “This (insert Xbox game) does not suck, and yes the graphics were amazing.”, I think. Anyway I can’t wait for Forza 4 too.

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