Why I Don’t Like Dead Island

Dead Island is one of those games that everyone hears a lot about, you expect it to be perfectly designed, fun and an amazing experience.

But it isn't - it's more than rough around the edges. In many ways it is totally broken.

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xhedleyx2407d ago

It's a decent game... maybe I just need to delve a little deeper into it. Only time will tell I guess.

pangitkqb2407d ago

I think Dead Island looks awesome. I havent had the chance to try it myself, but i will when the holiday budget permits. Too many other great gmes coming out I want to try first.

jriquelme_paraguay2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

and why i dont care if you like or not?
and who the hell is "I"?

Im going to write my: Why i dont like the "why i dont like Opinion pieces" opinion piece

gogospeedracer2407d ago

I'm not too big of a fan of this game. I was expecting a lot more from it. Basically, it is a smasher.

jc485732407d ago

I always keep coming back to Dead rising.

Excalibur2407d ago

why I don't care. ;)

Dead island is a great and very underrated game.

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CoD5112407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Been playing with a friend, it's awesome fun. Buggy and glitchy, but these add to the experience in a way :D Got more than a few laughs out of it.

finalblink412407d ago

Great concept for a game and the RPG elements were a nice addition that added length and depth to the title. But after MANY save errors ( the last straw was after it said "saving" I waited and turned my consol off) fired up my PS3 sat. Morning bam level 8 down from level 24!!! No way I was played thru again, and my friend whom I co-op'd with the night before also lost several levels and the game saved no progress. This is 2011 for gods sake, autosave for an RPG is a joke and a deal breaker. Sold to brother in law for 40$...Shame, I was literally driving home from work everyday excited to play. Heres hoping DI2 is much more stable.

pat_11_52407d ago

That's terrible, I've never heard of that glitch before. That's pretty insane.

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