Top 10 Games Of 2011 So Far

It almost seems like every year gets even better for gaming, and 2011 is no exception, just before the fall landslide of blockbuster games take a look at the best of the best so far.

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Combo2274d ago

this list is missing a certain PS3 exclusive platformer...

thebudgetgamer2274d ago

yea, no sack boy = shoddy list.

SOD_Delta2274d ago

and its missing a certain 360 exclusive (that just came out)

Combo2274d ago

hmmm i wonder what game you could be talking about...

ReservoirDog3162274d ago

Yeah that was a fun platformer...

Not enough Resistance 3 on this list too.

TheLastGuardian2274d ago

LittleBigPlanet 2 is certainly my GOTY but it's a platform for games now, not just a platformer. It's one of my favorite PS3 games. This list is lame for not including it.

lelo2play2274d ago

I'm glad they included Bulletstorm. Very good game... mindless fun.

As for the list, I agree with the top 3.

rezzah2274d ago

To me it was an average game.

Clarence2273d ago

BulletStorm, LA noir, were bad games.

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Cajun Chicken2274d ago

I know a lot of people are going to disagree, but personally, Bulletstorm has clearly been my highlight of the year so far.

SOD_Delta2274d ago

Its not my highlight, but it was a good game. I liked it.

M1chl2274d ago

Agree, its campaign is better than Gears 3 Campaign in my opinion...

majiebeast2274d ago

Missing xenoblade and lbp2.

coolbeans2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

He might not have been given the chance to play Xenoblade yet, since it hasn't been shipped to the states.

acemonkey2274d ago

bulletstorm lol made the list? what a joke....sorry last time i will read slimgamer again

Buuhan12274d ago

Dammit people, buy Shadows of the DAMNED! Poor sales on such games are why we can't have nice things.

Venox20082274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Yeah people BUY AND SUPPORT SHADOWS OF THE DAMNED! didn't you like Resident Evil 4? if yes, go and buy this! don't tell me that controls are bad, because they aren't..other thing - it's freaking awesome in a freakin' way! story is great, boses are great, jokes = it's individual question, but you don't buy/do buy game for it's jokes (I personally liked jokes).. and most important GREAT GAMEPLAY!!! support it, so we could get different variable games and experimental games with awesome stuff...didn't you get bored from stuff that constantly is being released, just in a new skin? devs won't get support from thing like this and will be afraid to release quirky and awesome games.. (can't wait for Lollipop Chainsaw)..

...and this list missing Child of Eden, Mortal Kombat,

rezzah2274d ago

I beat SOTD yesterday, even though i bought it day one (too many games).

It is a awesome action game, tons of gore, horror style is nice, it funny as hell too.

rezzah2274d ago

I beat SOTD yesterday, even though i bought it day one (too many games).

It is a awesome action game, tons of gore, horror style is nice, its funny as hell too.

Hayes2269d ago

Couldn't agree with you guys more. There's a lot of people angry that I put Shadows of the Damned on here, but I really enjoyed it.

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The story is too old to be commented.