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"To define a perfect PS3 gaming experience, you will need a high quality HDTV set and a sound system that allows you to hear everything from the game – the footsteps, the recoil of each gunshot and the raindrops. For gamers who already own a HDTV, the only thing that’s missing is a sound system. If a $300-$500 sound system is too heavy on the budget, an alternative solution is now available for PS3 owners as Sony released its Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset for a cheap price." - JPS

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coolfool2519d ago

I'm thinking of getting a head set. Could pick up these but can anyone recommend a pair that'll work on the PS3 but will do Virtual Surround for both movies and games?

Blacktric2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

According to some people, these actually support virtual surround sound for movies as long as they're not on phsyical media (DVD/Blu-Ray). You can rip your DVD's and put them onto your PS3 HDD and then be able to use the virtual surround sound option without a problem. It also works with Netflix, LoveFilm, Mubi, etc. There aren't any well known brand that produces headsets with virtual surround sound support for this price anyway. There are Astro A40's that comes with true 5.1 and can emulate 7.1 but they cost 250 bucks and wired while Tritton AX Pro's also wired but again, comes with true 5.1 (but can't emulate 7.1 as far as I know). There are upcoming headsets from Tritton and one of them (titled Warhead) is both wireless and supports true 7.1 (industry first) and also comes with dual swappable rechargable li-ion batteries so you can charge one battery by putting it into the wireless transmitter's base while using the other. But unfortunately it's exclusive to Xbox 360 and will probably cost around £200.

juanvan2519d ago

You should be able to use this set as a HD speakers.
I use turtle beaches and I like them a lot.
I also love that I can change batteries at any time and not have to recharge them - its a Huge plus.

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vikingland12519d ago

These would be perfect for a one system headset. I have xbox360 and PS3 so I went with TB px5's spendy but I love them.

Enate2518d ago

My girlfriend had some serious interference issues with her px5's. I told her to take them back the next day. Quite a few people love the PX5 as far as everything it is supposed to be. Though the interference has caused a lot of youtube reviewers to return them.

beast242tru2519d ago

i like the headset but it should have been blutooth and im wondering if iv been writing positive post for soo long wth am i still on one bubble?

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