Funniest way to beat an early boss in Dark Souls

Now that the supremely difficult Dark Souls has officially released in Japan, it was only a matter of time until the skilled players released ways to tackle the games many dangers. One such tactic is a bit more hilarious than others as it allows the player to dupe a giant beast into its own demise.

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SOD_Delta2524d ago

LOL What an idiot boss.

thereapersson2523d ago

You can get him to chase you all the way through the castle until he either falls off a staircase to his death, or walks into that swirling energy pit. It was tedious but it was a good way to level up early in the game without actually having to fight him.

Once I did that enough times I was able to get good enough gear to fight him one-on-one.

GamersRulz2523d ago

you reminded me of that red eye mo** fu**a

Jappy-k72523d ago

drunk demon gorilla confirmed

jerethdagryphon2523d ago

heh i remember in demon ouls hiding behind flamelurker and just gasing him never did turn around

KentBlake2521d ago

hehehe.....I did something similar to him. I just hid behind that giant ribcage on the floor and kept hitting. It died a lonely and horrible death because he couldn't jump over the ribcage.

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