DICE explains why there's no Commander in Battlefield 3

DICE has revealed the reason behind why there is no "COMMANDER" in their upcoming shooter "Battlefield 3".

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Hufandpuf2493d ago

Ok, now I understand. But it's the players choice whiter or not he wants to become the commander or not. And if a player reaches a high rank and wants to lead, he should be obligated to command the team.

badkolo2493d ago

ok then what, back to camping, glad its out

xX-Jak-Xx2493d ago

that's better
i always hate commanders

Septic2493d ago

I loved Commando. I think its a shame that it isn't in the game. I'm sure DICE could come up with a way to alleviate all the problems associated with it.

PixL2493d ago

Oh, I'm sure there will be a lot of commandos in the game. Those with C4s planted on their bodies and stuff.

Septic2493d ago

Lol you know what I meant!


KonGreat2493d ago

Eh, I've played Commander several times and I was never really that high ranked. It was a great way of playing the game. Although it would have been great if they would have changed the position a little bit, but I thought it was a great way of commanding and organizing a team having one clear leader. Loved to be able to prioritize support to different squads, give commands and being able to zoom in so you can actually see the action.