G33k Talk: Portable Gaming Console are Now Complete Jokes

G33k Talk is opinionated commentary from TGF’s own Samuel “Teh” G33k about issues that concern the everyday gamer. This time he is speaking about how the PSVita and 3DS are looking extremely unattractive to the audiences they’re aimed at. Please keep in mind the opinions stated here are strictly Samuel’s alone don’t reflect the entirety of Watch at your own risk!

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thebudgetgamer2490d ago

unless the people that run this site are fifteen this should always be ridiculed.

"G33k Talk"

tiffac0082490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

First he comments on the remakes on the 3DS. I mean did he ever remembered a time Nintendo actually made any remake or port of their old classics to their new devices? If he was a veteran gamer as he claims to be he knows that the Nintendo fans has been longing for some remake or port of Ninty's classic games for a very long time now and this should be a treat to the people who wasn't gaming 10 years ago. Did he ever put that into consideration?

Then this guy is talking about battery life without even pointing out the reason why the battery life is such a way. Also did he ever research on how many people actually play their DS and PSP plug-in compared to those who plays them on to go for a certain period of time?

Then he completely say he buys game for convenience and he goes on to rant that he does not need to play hours and hours of gaming and just plays here and there when on the go. He's completely bashing the devices that is not geared for his market! That itself is lame!

Then defends the games on the smartphones and iPad compared to the handheld devices because it was geared to his market. Wow! If you already know which demographic your on do you really need to attack the other demographic and call their market a joke?

He then comments on the add-on analog pad of the 3DS without even having a chance to actually have one on his hand. Amazing internet journalism 101!

He comments on the price of the PSV compared to a 4yr old console in the PS3. I mean seriously? He's actually saying the price of the new tech is insane because its at the same value as an old tech with blu-ray capabilities. Did he ever mention that the PSV can run as near quality as the PS3? No he failed to point that out.

This whole video is a joke. I swear a person who has no plans what-so-ever in buying the devices goes on to rant to defame them. Talk about negative propaganda.

Sorry for the rant but since he's dissecting the negatives of the devices without giving out any positives. I think it should just be fair to dissect his video as well.

AdrianHD2490d ago

-In that case, we would never have any new games. Games should just be rehashed over and over in case other generations didn't play them. Sorry, Nintendo doesn't get a pass for that.

-Battery life sucks, period. The fact that we're almost required to buy external batteries to supplement its life is ridiculous.

-You can play games for hours and hours on the iPhone also. Your point?

-When you see something stupid, you can call it out on that. I'm sure you gave the Virtual Boy a good play through before laughing at it, right?

tarbis2490d ago

There's demand in the market that's why there are remakes. Also, rehash and remakes are different.

As if mobile phones are not the same.

His point is. If you don't want to move forward and play the same old tetris, cut the ropes or angry birds all your life, then be my guest.

Virtual Boy? What in the blue hell is that? Is that something relevant?

DefyAllLogic2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

The iWhatever is not a gaming console. Just because it has games on it dose not make it a gaming console. That's like saying your favorite video game is Snake for Nokia. No, that's your favorite way to pass the time while waiting in line.

The arguments about re-releasing games is interesting because it follows a note about "this generation." I don't think this generation generally played the originals, but have probably heard of them. No one is going to run out and but a retro console to play retro games when they can have them on a new console all shined up.

Also, about battery life, if I play any game of substance on my iPod (Rage, Army of Darkness, etc.) The battery life decreases dramatically. My DSi still have amazing battery life but when have I have gone anywhere where I needed to play for 5+ hours and had no access to an outlet? Guantanamo?

And I'm not concerned with the Vita just yet because I'd never buy a new console at the jump.

(I don't think it's lame to generate discussion about the pros and cons of handheld systems though.)

tiffac0082490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I agree its not lame to make a discussion but the problem is the video was just straight out bias.

It was purely subjective to the negatives of the devices there was no counter point to balance things out.

Calling the devices a joke because it no longer caters to his wants made the video an unreasonable opinion piece.

That's why I felt it was lame but then again it would be unfair of me not to let his opinion be heard even though I'm not in favor of the video's sentiments.

So I'll vote to approve it and hope a better and well balance discussion does take place.

Edit: @Fishy Fingers

They also said the same about the PC gaming when the console gaming was at its all time high. The same with the physical media format because a good part of the world is now going Cloud (but not every part of the world can)

We all know as long as there is a market, there is money to be made. So until the time its proven that the market cannot support itself then I don't think the dedicated handheld device will die out anytime soon.

I leave the doom and gloom stuff to the analyst who gets paid to make them.

Fishy Fingers2490d ago

To each their own, but it's pretty clear the market for a dedicated portable gaming device isnt going to exsist for much longer. I wager the 3DS/Vita will be the last gen, you just wont need them with other forms of mobile tech progressing so quickly.

LightofDarkness2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

You're right Fishy, but you know how fanboys are. Watch the disagrees pile up. They'll probably take your comment as an attack on Sony somehow :/

Anyway, it's obvious that ALL electronic media devices will eventually boil down to a portable all-in-one device. One you can use as phone and PDA/tablet all at once, while being able to plug it into a display and connect it to various inputs (KB/M, game controller). No more big desktops and dedicated games consoles. This is what all of the big tech companies want to do, really. They want all content delivered through an App Store-like system, no physical media required or necessary (which eliminates a lot of piracy when coupled with the app store system). Macbook Airs and new MacBook Pros don't even have an optical drive anymore.

supremacy2490d ago

That remains to be seen, I think many are jumping the gun hear with social devices subtituting dedicated gaming devices.
The gaming industry is going through some changes, but these changes are contributing to growth and not so much a decline of one or the other.

Its a mistake to think that such complex form of gaming will fine a home on simplistic devices designed primarly for other things. On top of this, is brand awareness. For as long Nintendo exists people are going to know what it is and what it stands for.

Same thing with Sony, capcom and such. People arent blind, they see value and recognize the importance. Its just the price structures are different at the moment, yes people play games on their cellphones. But I dont think elsewhere people have stopped gaming on dedicated gaming platforms either.

Truth is I have a cellphone like most, yes I do a little session of angry birds on it, but at home I have my ps3 for my personal time. I am waiting for a vita for those intense games I know I will be playing on long rides with the car charger plugged in. Heck I hardly use my phone for anything than texting and talking, before that was to check up on my facebook status.

LightofDarkness2490d ago

No one said those companies have to stop making games or even hardware. But dedicated portable gaming devices are simply on their last legs now. We're only about 2-3 years away from a phone that's as powerful as the Vita, but smaller and with a much richer feature set (ie. it's also a smartphone).

More to that, a simple extension that adds a button interface to your phone is very doable. It would fit around it just like inserting your phone into a cradle/speaker system. Then you could have analog sticks and all the buttons you want. Problem solved.

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