What If A Game Feels Like A Chore?

Some really love insanely difficult games; they beat their head against the wall to experience the euphoria of conquest. But others just want to have fun.

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Wintersun6162525d ago

I like challenges. IMO games that are too easy are more boring than too hard ones. And I never rage like described in the article during gaming. I'd go see a doctor if a game made me break controllers, scream and shake in rage.

banjadude2525d ago

The only PS3 game I have right now that feels like a damn chore is Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty decent game, but oh my GOD, if you want to get the good guns, it takes foreverrrrrrr to get to level 8 (the max)!

JM-92524d ago

Challenge can be a good thing. I recently finished The Legend of Zelda second quest for the first time. I foound it very difficult, but beating dungeons felt rewarding (even though you have to walk through walls and battle wizzrobes).

Elcobydos2524d ago

Call of Duty World at War was a grenade spamming stress test. I don't know how I finished it but when I finished I felt amazing.