Dueling Sales for Nintendo Wii Console Bundle

The Nintendo Wii Console with the Mario Kart Wii Bundle has two different sales running, one on Amazon and another on Ebay. Apparently, now is a good time to get your hands on a Nintendo Wii console for a great price. The Ebay console sale has a larger discount, but the Amazon console deal comes with added perks. You can’t lose no matter which sale you choose, so take a look at the details below.

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beast242tru2519d ago

mabe i should buy a wii for my nephews they wud enjoy but i know sumone will get injured

MintBerryCrunch2519d ago

get an N64, probably the best mario kart experience

just_looken2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

@mint couldn't agree more last year i re purchased a n64 with rumble addon/2 games/2 controllers with the whole expansion bay and memory cards for $20. Lots of hock/pawn shops sell n64 games. Oh dont forget Cruis'n USA: "Checkpoint" i found it for $2 at my local hock shop recently :).