GameRankings lists Super Mario Galaxy as #1 reviewed game ever

GameRankings, known throughout the industry as the definitive source for game score averages, has Super Mario Galaxy ranked #1 after 31 reviews, with an average score of 97.9%. The previous #1 ranked game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, had an average score of 97.5% from 30 sources.

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whateva3774d ago

Mario Sunshine and luigi's mansion was just spin offs in My book.

Super Mario Galaxy is the game that should of came after Mario 64.

Brian52473774d ago

Its worse than Assassins Creed

whateva3774d ago

it's always the 2nd or 3rd guy that post in a review thread, they did so much they had to ban it from being said lol.

Bonsai12143774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

not every major publication has reviewed it yet right? so chances are it may still drop.

oh wait, it has one more than ocarina of time.. wow. so i'm betting it really is good...

Xi3774d ago

look at halo 3 it has some 80 reviews, or hl2, 93 reviews. It will drop down over time, like bioshock and halo both did.


Game of the year easy. So much for Crap Effect, Biocock and Gaylo.

LeonSKennedy4Life3774d ago

I'll give you one dollar for each human being that actually believes Super Mario Galaxy is better than Bioshock.

I guess I owe you one dollar.

unsunghero283773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

4.1 clearly hasn't played Super Mario Galaxy yet.

I love BioShock man, but Super Mario Galaxy is insanely amazing...



Just read your comment below me.

Sorry pal, but I've already sworn off trying to reason with fanboys.

Kastor_Troii3773d ago

You are so right man,you get my vote any day of the year!! Nothing right now can match how beautiful this game is....NOTHING!!
LONG LIVE NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basch3772d ago

Needless to say Kalee Bund Waalaa and LeonSKennedy4Life have played the games they're flaming, as I'd expect nobody within this rich, diverse industry to make judgements based on ignorance and dogma (!)

cjp4eva3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

i LOL'D bubble 4 u.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3774d ago

This makes NO sense!

Insomniac, Bungie, Valve, Bioware, Team Ninja, and Naughty Dog work their TALES OFF to make these amazing games.

Nintendo puts together this finicky-camera'd, lowest of storylines, humorless, uninnovative, LAG-filled (the motion controls), crap-fest...and it gets perfect scores...


I can officially say this is an all-time low for gaming.

Xi3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

is that it's a 10... for a wii game.

You can't compare this to the 360, pc or ps3.

It's like having a 25 dollar steak from the local restaurant, compared to the stake from a top of the line restaurant, sure that local restaurant makes an amazing stake compared to other places in it's price range, but it's no 5 star restaurant 75 dollar steak.

leon763774d ago

i agree with you LeonSKennedy4Life... and Xi, of course we can't compare this wii game with others PS3 an x360 games... but all wii boys claim their consoles are the real next gen's strange! but sure this game, RE4 (also in Gamecube)and metroid are the only games worth the buy this console...the other ones, please look at the reviews...

TruthbeTold3774d ago

The Wii is no "Cheap steak".
All three console companies have their own individual way of "cooking", but each way is quality. You may not like the way Nintendo cooks it's proverbial steak, but it doesn't mean that it's no good. Just enjoy the brand and style you like best. No need to try and look down on a product that you personally disdain. It just makes you look ridiculous.

Rute3774d ago

Ahh, the old "everyone's wrong but me" syndrome. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, even without playing the game, but to imply that the Tokyo team of Nintendo didn't work hard for the 3 years this game was in the making, is just utterly hilarious.

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