Max Payne 3 – A Few Things You Probably Didn’t Know

MMGN writes: So, you’ve seen the new Max Payne 3 trailer and you’re left wanting more, right? Well, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer before we get any more Max Payne action, as the game isn’t set for release until March 2012 (it’s really not that far away).

Do you really know all that much about Max Payne 3? Probably not, so here are a few little tidbits about the game you probably didn’t know.

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RedGr3mlin2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

I really don't know why ppl hate this game so much already.

I am a HUGE MP fan, I actually played MP 2 just yesterday and it is still as awesome as first time I played it.

With that said, I really don't get it why you ppl hate this already and say like - Rockstar destroyed the game.

They destroyed it because he is now bald and got a bear belly?

Seriously? You are not thinking outside the box - this is a Max Payne game we talk about, with that I mean, It would be "weird" if it was CoD 7 and suddenly the guy you fight as have a bear belly, but this is MAX, he have gone thru hell and back ppl.

If you don't remember play mp 2 again.

I feel like in MP2 Max was already totally breaking up inside, his wife and child slaughterd, he had crazy nightmares about it(running after a blood trail with his child crying), he had to take pills to get them "some what" stable, and don't let me start talking about the ghost visions + he almost died because he tried to save a girl, and when he saved her she died in his arms.

(Tho it was hard for him to love her first) but when he let him self love a woman again after his wife died.... SHE DIED! In his arms.

So its not strange that he have started to drink ALLOT to forget about stuff, IN EVEY MP GAME the devs have told a hard and very raw and uncut story about a guy fighting to save ppl, and even save his own mind from becoming crazy, but how hard he fight, they just die all around him. Friends / loved ones ... You get the point

So like I said its not strange that he started drinking and got a bear belly, there is a word 4 it: HE HAVE LOST IT! - HE DON'T CARE ANY MORE!!!

ANd second: You ppl complain about a sunny place that is not new York, I understand what you mean ppl, The new York theme in mp1+2 gave an extra "power" to that raw and uncut feeling with police sirens that you know from real life and a city landscape that almost every one recognize.

But think about it this way ppl.
IT WONT BE SUNNY ALL THE TIME in the game, it will probably be night missions a lot (Can't call them missions I know), but don't know what to call them :). - It will probably rain - thunder and flashes maybe - and as you can see there is some big city buildings on the wallpaper.

So you can bet there will be a gritty feeling with running in a corridor with the rain hitting the window and thunder outside. If I know Max right tho it can even be that he is not running, he is limping and leaning against a wall and thx to rockstar new game engine we will probably see blood traces on the wall when he move on down thru the hallway to.

I agree with you ppl that this game is nothing in the way like MP2 but think about it ... Would you like it if it was EXACTLY the same ? THe same city that you have seen over and over, the same houses? The same storage places, the same hallway corridors? .... Think about it?

ANd oh, the comic strips will be back so you don't have to worry about that.

Now I will go back to Max Payne 2 again and replay it for the 4th time :D

Quagmire2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Wowza, wall of text.

This may not be a Max Payne game, however it will be a great game nontheless if its made by R*

Much like DmC, it might not be the best DMC game, but itll be a great game either way, thanks to Ninja Theory.

isarai2555d ago

My thoughts exactly, you can't expect a man to stay the same after all the shit he's been through

isarai2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I can't wait to see what this sequel brings, GO ROCKSTAR!! WOOOOOOO!!!

On another topic, i seriously can't stand people calling Euphoria a "physics engine" or "game engine". seriously people, a quick read of the first couple paragraphs on the from page of natural motions site will clearly tell you it's neither, it's an animation/AI program that gives ragdolls simulated muscles and behaviors to react to their surroundings on the fly using the games pre-existing game/physics engine. You'd think journalists would know this basic shit by now