The Top Ten Co-op Campaigns of This Generation

Great coop campaigns feature thoughtful narratives that support camaraderie and provide the experience of accomplishing objectives through teamwork. Joystick Division looks at the ten best coop campaigns of this generation.

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vishant1012557d ago

I think gears and portal easily take the cake both become a better game with a buddy (not to say they are not the greatest games on their own).

Legion2557d ago

Not a bad listing of games. But I would have changed Halo 3 to read Halo Series, because all the Halo Series that had co-op campaigns were exceptional with another player beside you.

I enjoyed Reach the best of the Co-op and then maybe Halo 3 and ODST. Though some complain that ODST didn't have matchmaking with campaign... not an issue for me seeing I hate playing campaign games with strangers.

Megaton2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Saint's Row 2, Resistance 2, Borderlands and Portal 2 were the most fun I had in co-op this gen.

Edit @ Legion below - Right. Co-oping in a different campaign isn't really campaign co-op. Airtight logic.

Legion2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Except Cooperative mode n Resistance 2 features a separate campaign mode set in 1952-53 in the gap in the time line of the single-player campaign. Not a true co-op campaign.

I would have added Modern Warfare 2 but it isn't a true campaign co-op either. I really enjoyed it's campaign.

It just isn't the same thing. You aren't able to play the solo campaign in co-op, you are forced to play a separate campaign level. Yes I see your point that you get co-op campaign, just not the ability to play the solo campaign through in co-op. Now Resistance 1 had a true campaign being playable in both co-op and solo.
Edit to the edit: Two Worlds 2 had co-op campaign but it was separate from the solo campaign and really can't be considered in the same aspect as a solo campaign being playable in co-op. If you played that game then it might better clarify the difference between the co-ops?

dcortz20272557d ago

It's still co-op! I also enjoyed Resistance 2's online/offline co-op. I just wish that they would have released some DLC for more co-op levels.

Megaton2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I suppose Portal 2's co-op doesn't count as co-op either, since it was different from the solo campaign. Must have been a typo to put it at #1 on your list.

Edit - My mistake if it's not your list. You seemed to be defending it like it was, talking about what does and does not count as co-op.

Portal 2 has a solo campaign, and then different co-op. You play through various challenges as robots. None of it is in the solo.

Edit 2 - Yeah, you can't let disagrees bother you here. Heh, just checked and I've only been a member here for 4 days longer than you. Another N4G veteran.

Legion2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

"I suppose Portal 2's co-op doesn't count as co-op either, since it was different from the solo campaign. Must have been a typo to put it at #1 on your list."

Not sure why you think I am the author of this list? I haven't played Portal 2 yet so wouldn't be able to comment on it specifically. I have played the games that I have talked about though and liked most of them fairly well.

But if Portal 2 didn't have a true solo campaign that could be played both single and co-op then I would probably leave it off the list. Are the campaign levels different in co-op versus the solo player in Portal 2?

Edit - no issues megaton, I was simply stating my point of view on some portions of the co-op campaign list. And personally think that I would not add a game that doesn't allow co-op campaign via same solo and co-op levels. Same reason I wouldn't add Splinter Cell: Conviction even though it had an excellent co-op portion to it (they call it Story Mode, instead of campaign). And people can agree or not agree with me on my thoughts of what true campaign co-op is. I don't really mind the disagrees like others on N4G.

Legion2557d ago

I liked Army of Two. But truthfully I never played it co-op, the solo campaign felt enough like co-op without the actual added player.

JellyJelly2557d ago

I was just about to mention it. I played both of them in co-op and in that context they were tons of fun. Would've been high on my list.

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