Worst & Best Star Wars Games

Star Wars video games are nearly as old as the franchise itself, which skyrocketed to fame with the very first film in the seventies (well, technically the fourth film) and has never looked back. It has become a cash cow for any developer able to sway George Lucas into agreeing to let them produce a video game, and fans of the series have always salivated over a new game that puts them as close to the galaxy far, far away as possible.

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Lavitz20122439d ago

Really no Star wars battlefront 2 as one of the best games??This list fails.

SOD_Delta2439d ago

and no Republic Commando. What gives!?

firefoxprime2439d ago

glad I didn't read the article then. BF2 hands down...!
Force Unleashed vs BF2??? Heh.

Lionalliance2439d ago

Super Star Wars Series FTW!

persistentlobster2439d ago

I was absolutely obsessed with episode 1 racer when it came out!

cheeto1012439d ago

No Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games? Really?

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