Eurogamer Expo: PS Vita developer session

GuitarGirl24 from Plus XP writes "Today was the first day of the Eurogamer expo at Earls Court London. For the the PlusXP team that meant two things, free Onlive micro consoles and Developer sessions. With the quest to claim our free On Live consoles soon complete we decided to drop in on the PS Vita dev session to see what the latest addition to the Playstation family has to offer. As well as showcasing the Vita’s impressive new set of features such as the consoles augmented reality and rear touch screen, we were also treated to previews of several games including Wipeout 2048, Little Big Planet Vita and Reality Fighters. So join us now as we take a closer look at what the Ps Vita has to offer."

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supremacy2524d ago

i just love this device, man cant wait for my import..

MasterCornholio2524d ago

Go Vita

WOOT tomorrow i am getting my xperia Ray

2524d ago
LackTrue4K2524d ago

what was the monthly amount for the 3g ones?

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