Brand New Uncharted 3 Desert Footage Looks Amazing

Dualshock Nexus: Check out this 13 minutes of Uncharted 3 awesomeness. Around the 4 minute mark you will see some brand new desert campaign footage featuring Drake after the cargo plane crash.

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Christopher2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Love Nolan North's attitude and presence. He would do great in his own sit com or on a show like Castle where it's a mix of drama and comedic capabilities. Hell, he would do great as an alternative to Kevin Butler for Sony ads.

Guy1: "And each one of these suits is tailor made."

Nolan: "Yes, uh, the tailor from Avatar actually came and, uh, did our suits. Took every measurement you could possibly take. Including one that _I_ don't think he needed. And he was _way_ off."

I laughed.

Edit: "Hold on, I'm being awesome here!"

Xalaris2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Must be fun acting in a white room with all those things over you, each movement made being portrayed by a fictional you and observed automatically by millions of people...

MsclMexican2519d ago

I feel like I ruined the game for me
Damn it was so tempting

The game is so beautiful

WhiteLightning2519d ago

" He would do great in his own sit com "

Hell he deserves to get his role in the Uncharted film.

I mean he's funny, got charisma and when it comes to Uncharted a great actor. Yet people feel the need to nit pick and say things like "He's old", "He hasn't been in anything" or "He might not be able to pull it off" then relate back to Nathan Fillion. <sigh>

This is Hollywood, even if he looks a bit out of shape, all they'll do is put him on a strict bulk up diet and then get some make up/hair colouring on him and he'll look like Nathan Drake.

MaxXAttaxX2518d ago

He'd look like this in the movie:

[On topic]
This video is spoilerific! I skipped through it in like for a few seconds. Not doing that again!

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PRHB HYBRiiD2519d ago

This video makes me proud to own a PS3 (:

NukaCola2519d ago

This music is so moving, I am twice as sad I don't have tissues. Who is composing this? I can literally feel pain through this.

badz1492519d ago

but I don't want to spoil the game for myself! ok...I watched up to the 1st 1 minute of gameplay and I'm done! I can wait another month!

Dee_912518d ago

same here
:( its so frekkin tempting
but i gotta keep reminding myself release is right around teh corner

Gray-Fox-Type02519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

game looks beautifully and the soundtrack too, cant wait to buy this game first day.

Must Buy Games

- Skyrim
- Battlefield 3
- Uncharted 3

but lets use words like "amazing" more appropiately haha. I thought i was going to see some EPIC SET PIECE going off thankfully didnt dont want to spoil any of that yet.

Joegrine202518d ago

cant see the desert gameplay properly. therefore i wont be watching it. but i will be buying it come november :D

starchild2518d ago

It's going to be such an amazing game.

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rabidpancakeburglar2519d ago

Kinda hard to see with the lighting of the angle it's at but it does look great.

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units2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

i think the word amazing is throwing around far too much here on N4G

ksense2519d ago

trolls are around far too much on n4g

Chitown712912518d ago

Titties....................... ............................... ..............that is all

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2519d ago

yep, but not when talking about Uncharted 3. to be called anything less than amazing is offensive to me.

Foliage2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Nice, when I first read your username I immediately had to assume you would be a microshaft fanbaby. Seeing as the word "game" wasn't plural, and the 360 is suffering terribly when it comes to having any game worth attention. Frankly, you'd be a fanbaby for even thinking one of their exclusives would be worth playing these days. Gears 3 has been horrible thus far, the worst script in a video game since Gears 2. Halo is milked past death and decay, and Bungie doesn't even want to touch it with a ten foot pole any more. And Fable... well, it's still Fable.

I'm not going to even touch on Arcade-Kinect racer Forza, because why settle for crap?

There is nothing else to speak of, no other games. What a poor showing. It must hurt these fanbabies to watch this Uncharted 3 footage, because we all know they did and cried inside.

Oldman1002519d ago

I amazingly agree somewhat, but it's amazingly only a problem when it amazingly doesn't apply. But it amazingly sure as hell applies here. This footage was amazing!

solidjun52518d ago

What an amazing comment. +1

Motorola2519d ago

@Units You didnt seem to have a problem when people said Gears of War 3 was amazing...

2519d ago
smashcrashbash2519d ago

Ever heard the word buzzkill or killjoy? Of course you have.

dcortz20272519d ago

Your just mad because Uncharted 3 isn't on the Xbox 360.

kikizoo2519d ago

...and most of all : can't be done on 360.

SilentNegotiator2519d ago

Oh how interesting; after loads of Gears of War 3 articles, including site reviews, you choose to make such a comment in the stray Uncharted 3 article.

I'm shocked.

OllieBoy2518d ago

You're pathetic. All you do here is make snarky comments in PS3 articles. And as a contributor all you do submit and approves 360 stories.

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i_like_ff72519d ago ShowReplies(5)
i_like_ff72519d ago

Honestly on Console theres nothing that matches up with UC2 and UC3. The sheer amount of detail in the world has not been surpassed even by games like God of War 3 and KZ3. Looks amazing.

kennyboy2519d ago

to me nothing on any platform matches uncharted 3 not to mention if they hadnt put e3 in the game the game would look loads better than it even does now

Evetssteve2519d ago

Lol why'd u say console then list all PS3 games?

SnotyTheRocket2519d ago

Because Ps3 games are what matter! Lol, I troll. Kidding of course, I like Halo.

mendicant2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )


Let me ask you something. When you say "lmao," is your rear end literally falling off? Was it truly that funny too you?

It's easy enough to get my point. This is part of what I'm talking about. This kind of response. I'll let you figure it TB, I don't have the will to explain it to you.

My last post was too much for that I apologize to the community.

kikizoo2519d ago ShowReplies(2)