Final Fantasy X HD Should Be A Lesson To Square Enix

VelocityGamer writes: I was very pleased to learn that Square Enix would be bringing us an HD overhaul of Final Fantasy X, largely because that game and its sequel were the last Final Fantasy games to resemble Final Fantasy the way it once was.

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Abash2401d ago

I never got to play FFX, but I will get the HD remaster to finally experience it

Leonesaurus2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Same here, I never got to experience FF X back in the day, only the first few minutes of it. So, I plan on making an effort to buy this HD remastered version of it when it releases. Specially since my cousin considers this his favorite FF game, from what he's told me about it in the past.

khellendros12401d ago

When you guys do finally play. Make sure to maximize Rikku. Then put her on Tidus's sphere tree, or Auron. She starts off weak but with her speed boosts she will attack 2 or 3 times before the other characters. She's a beast and by far my favorite character

StbI9902399d ago

Yeah fap fap fap

trainsinrdr2401d ago

I think somebody wants some JUICE!!!!!

princejb1342401d ago

i loved x from the battle system to the story
the only thing i didn't enjoy was blitz ball which i found a waste of time
i really hope they don't add trophies needing to beat blitz ball
and if i remember correctly wakas ultimate weapon is through blitz ball-_-

ReservoirDog3162401d ago

If you get the Jecht Shot in that small mini game when you're on the boat, blitz ball is a lot more manageable. It's actually pretty fun.

I hated blitz ball the first few playthroughs but my friend told me how to get the Jecht Shot and then I loved it.

Oh I can't wait till FFX HD comes out now...

cr33ping_death2401d ago

well if there is a trophy about having to get all weapons then looks like were all in for a long blitz season :)

cond3m3r2401d ago

A lesson that some time Square really screwed up, and really need get back on that Square Soft ball. I consider this game to have great character background stories w/ great gameplay. Where did you go wrong Square?

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Peaceful_Jelly2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I already have 2 copies of FFX and I have beaten the game twice and beside the battle system and the sphere grid where you could overpower every character I didn't particularly liked anything else about that game. And the girly approach of FFX-2 was a huge turn-off for me but I still beat it because it was a FF game and let me say that the game sucked so bad is not even funny.

If all you need is a good battle system to enjoy a game then play the Shadow Hearts series. The battle system of that game walks all over FFX-2 battle system. Instead of changing clothes to access different abilities you become different type demons. On top of that it has a really nice chain system much better than FFXIII while FFX-2 doesn't even has one.

adorie2401d ago


" On top of that it has a really nice chain system much better than FFXIII while FFX-2 doesn't even has one"

Godmars2902401d ago

Why do you have TWO copies of the game? A game that you've only played twice no less.

On subject, the author says himself why Square's not going to learn from this; they've got too many projects in planning. vsXIII certainly isn't going to be turn based. And if you want to believe that XIII-2 pulled out of their butt at the eleventh hour and not in development when they should have been focused on XIII proper, then that means a XIII-3 or vsXIII-2 can happen on a whim.

Someone else needs to step up to do something to reintroduce turn based gameplay. NIS should be doing it, but then the Disgaea series in more niche.

falloutx2401d ago

Shadow Hearts 2 Covenant is my favorite JRPG of all time, Final Fantasy X my second.
I really hope they remaster the Shadow Hearts series.

looza2401d ago

Amen!!! Shadow Hearts 2 was my favorite jrpg of last generation. They need to make a Shadow Hearts HD Collection. Well I could live with out the 3rd one lol

Deputydon2401d ago

I didn't really enjoy the game either. I found it pretty boring. Yeah, the story was good, i'll give it that. But the 'awesome' battle system wasn't really that awesome. For a couple reasons. The biggest one being that almost every single battle in the game has the same exact set up. There will be some type of elemental enemy, an armored enemy, and then a normal enemy. Cast opposite of he elemental, use auron or khimari to attack the armored guy since they can easily pierce enemies, and then just kill the last guy. The battle system was so predictable. I wasn't a fan of 13 either. But atleast once the game opened up for you, you really had no idea what to expect in a battle against a new set of enemies. It was actually pretty possible to die in just a normal fight. They almost became boss fights at certain points.

Anyways, with all that said, I still find Auron to be a pretty awesome character, and his part in the the story made him even better. Overall though, I really just didn't enjoy the game all that much. I might still get this version though if it's decently priced. It's at least something above average to play when I get bored.

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Magnus2401d ago

Can't wait for the game I think the lesson here learned is that Squaresoft should not have merged with Enix

Deputydon2401d ago

I agree. But personally I loved Dragon Quest 8, and I wonder how that would have turned out... Had the merger not happened

nyobzoo2401d ago

I like X, it had one of the best battle system in a FF game

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