ICO & Shadow Of Colossus HD Collection: Earn Midnight Launch @ GameStop

ICO and Shadow of Colossus have earned some much deserved critical acclaimed over the years. Everyone who has played the games have fallen in love with Team ICO's creations. That love seems to have extended into the HD revolution, as The ICO & Shadow of Colosus HD Collection will be receiving midnight launches at Game Stops across North America.

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trainsinrdr2522d ago

Too bad I wont be buying it.

jacksonmichael2522d ago

... Why not?

Why should we care?

EVILDEAD3602521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Im buying it.. but even as a huge Team Ico fan I know that the Gamestops that I frequent don't even have close to the preorder interest to keep the store open for 10 minutes foor a midnight release. Maybe, it's different in other parts on the states..but I just don't see it.


vgcgames2522d ago

impressive for remake, its the only remake to do this

beast242tru2522d ago

i never played the originals i will be getting this though