How a Mainstream Media Story About Video Games is Born

Good journalism is all about integrity, accuracy and objectivity — unless of course you’re a mainstream news channel reporting on video games, in which case feel free to toss those niceties out the nearest available window. Here’s the method CNN, MSNBC and rest are likely using to cook up their latest migraine-inducing gaming story as we speak…

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bckids12082490d ago

Seriously, I'm 30 and everyone I know games, when is this going to start getting some respect in the mainstream media?

will_c_752490d ago

The problem is,there is no objectivity in mainstream media. The channels all hire anchors that fit into their political slant.

ginsunuva2489d ago

Games are still seen as kids toys.

TenSteps2489d ago

My God! Get some avatars those above.