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IncGamers: ...I'm guessing that if you clicked on this review you're either genuinely interested in the title or keen to embark on a safari-like expedition into the niche realms of the industry.

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banjadude2557d ago

I was looking into this, and apparently there are a TON of simulator style games, like farming, garbage truck and FORKLIFT. I'm not kidding! Look it up on youtube!

If these games were bundled together for less than $10, I'd give it a try, but no way is it worth full price!

ainsz2557d ago

Yup but out of them all I think Microsoft flight simulator is the only one that's worth a full price tag, it's an awesome game.

banjadude2557d ago

@ ainsz

Oh shoot, I forgot about that! Yeah, Microsoft's Flight Simulator is definitely a good one.