8 Games that Need to Come to the PS3

Being an owner of only a PS3 has its ups and downs. On the downside, however, I miss out on a lot of games that I would love to play, but am rendered unable to. What I would love to wake up and see on my news feed would be the announcement of one of these 8 titles coming to the PS3.

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iDotDotDot2520d ago

I wish PS3 would get a Gears of War Collection, that would be Epic.

GuruGavrill2520d ago

HA, Get it, Gears of War, Epic Games makes gears of war *nudge nudge*

Pikajew2520d ago

I always see articles saying what games should be on PS3. If you want more games so much buy another system.

MoXxXi2520d ago

Oh yeah. Buying another system is so much more efficient than buying games for the system you already have, Lol. Its okay to wish, is it not? Haha

Pikajew2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Don't buy vita than because it will have different games you like on it because it is stupid buying a system for games you want on it

@GuruGravel its called saving money up

GuruGavrill2520d ago

Must be fun having all of that disposable income.

themonsterplayer2520d ago

Definetly agree with the Gears of war bit

despair2520d ago

rock of ages is coming to the PS3, at least I believe so, I mean I did download a trailer from the PSN a while. Bastion is a must have for anyone, I love that game.

josephayal2520d ago

Gears of wars trilogy plz

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