Review: Resistance 3 (Destructoid)

Jim Sterling writes:Resistance has always been a bit of a strange series for the PlayStation 3. As an exclusive, it's always enjoyed added exposure and attention from press, but divisive opinions on its quality and the dated nature of its gameplay have awarded it far less commendation compared to the likes of inFAMOUS and Uncharted.

Almost taking its place as the "B" shooter compared to the big-budget Killzone, Resistance is a series that has struggled to find its place, and the past two main entries have been so different that the lack of a unifying identity could be considered detrimental.

With Resistance 3, however, Insomniac Games may finally have found that special something.

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yesmynameissumo2493d ago

Nice! Scores are useless to me, as more times than not the writing doesn't match the score. This reads like a game that is enjoyable and perhaps best in the series. Just picked this baby up today and can't wait.

Sizzon2493d ago

Good reading & score.

floetry1012493d ago

Say what you will about Jim Sterling's opinions, at the very least it's always easy to distinguish his overall impression of the game, even before you see the score.

P_Bomb2493d ago

Hopefully this convinces some people that were otherwise on the fence.

For anyone curious, point deductions were for things outside of the core game experience like the lengthy initial boot-up time due to the install/post-beta patches and PS Pass if you forgot to activate it, and an invite-only co-op ala COD:MW2's Spec Ops mode.

As to his other bug criticism, I had the game fail to trigger the next scene due to my AI partner twice, both during the Haven level. Both times the door to the next section wouldn't open so I had to restart checkpoint. Otherwise, he says the game would be in masterpiece territory.

Ju2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Must have game in my books. 83%...tackle the rest shortly. Nice platinum. Achievable, even for people like me;)