VGW Preview: MDK2 HD

VGW: PC gamers of a certain age will remember Shiny’s third-person shooter MDK (1997) for its impressive visuals, unique combination of puzzles, use of vertical space, long range sniping, and somewhat convoluted sci-fi story. Three years down the road, BioWare’s MDK2 (PC and Dreamcast) upped the silliness quotient a bit, taking the story even deeper into Hitchhiker’s Guide-like territory, while refining the controls and expanding some of the environmental puzzles.

Just last May, a WiiWare port introduced MDK2 to, if not a new generation, at least a different audience. Now, Overhaul Games (a division of Beamdog,) is poised to launch MDK2 HD for the PC. This “labor of love” for many members of the original development team, is almost ready for digital release.

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