The 1UP Show: Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Ninja Gaiden 2

1UP's Kathleen Sanders wrote on 11/16/2007:

"It's a big, big show for you guys this week -- you might even call it massive... get it? Good. That's where we start. I talk with other Mass Effect players Bryan Intihar, Jennifer Tsao, and Mike Nelson; we all agree that it's a great game, but HOW great is still up for thorough nit-picking."

"Our own Ryan O'Donnell is a big fan of the polarizing medieval parkour game Assassin's Creed. He gathered the reviewers on this one: Crispin Boyer, Michael Donahoe, and Andrew 'Skip' Pfister to discuss the finer points of Altier's controversial adventure."

"Perhaps you have been enjoying EGM's cover story on Ninja Gaiden 2. Well, now you get to sit down with Mr. James Mielke and see it in action, with exclusive footage!"

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Links to individual segments of the video are listed under "Alternative Sources". The smaller segments save bandwidth and cut out the bad singing and all the irrelevant chit-chats.

Just watch the segments in which you are interested:
• Ninja Gaiden 2 '1UP Exclusive Preview'
• Mass Effect '1UP Preview'
• Assassin's Creed '1UP Review'

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socomnick4045d ago

They had a sony fanboy there too he was bashing mass effect but then he couldn't help but praise it.

STFU4045d ago

these dorks are the reason why I don't want to get rock band. :-[