New Arkham City Trailer is Joker's Turn to Play

The EuroGamer Expo is happening across the pond right now, and Arkham City has revealed a new trailer today. The trailer features the Joker and Harley Quinn. Clearly the Joker, now sick and possibly on his way out, still has a few tricks up his sleeve for Batman.

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beast242tru2490d ago

i cnt wait to try out this game and joker looks like he has the whammy

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Quagmire2490d ago

Holy crap, I almost completely forgot Joker was even in the game what with the amount of pre-order bullshit and boss reveals being spoiled.

FrightfulActions2490d ago

Looks great. Hope they don't reveal any more characters - if there's even any more left to surprise us with... I been trying to steer clear of Batman articles lately because of it. It would had been really fun to find out about Mr. Freeze in the game, without having knowledge of him being a character in it... Same with Bane... Riddler.. Penguin... Deadshot... Robin... Catwoman... TwoFace... I could go on, but you get the point. Lots of big reveals that might had been more exciting to find out on your own as a player. Hopefully they have some hidden stars in there though. Personally I'd like to see Scarface again, and some more trippy Scarecrow moments. Those were great.

batdump2490d ago

I loved the scarecrow spots from AA. Supposedly the devs have said that there will still be plenty of surprises in the game, though that seems kind of unlikely with what they have already revealed. you forgot Thalia al ghul too... luckily this trailer wasn't too spoilerific

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