StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.4.0 Released

Blizzard Entertainment released a huge patch notes for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty v1.4.0.

This new update addresses several bug fixes, race gameplay changes, and the map editor.

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Medievaldragon2523d ago

It's been one of the biggest patch notes seen so far since SC2 came out.

rfowler302522d ago

happy about sli improvements. sc2 needed them.

malol2522d ago

BAD BAD patch
they nerf the weak race (zerg)
and keep buffing the OP race (Toss)

way to go blizzard
keep making this game worse

ThanatosDMC2522d ago

I'm changing to Protoss. They have the ability to make good drops now though not as powerful as 8 marines.

malol2522d ago

i feel you brother zerg
i feel you :\