Consoles Have Just Become Sh*tty PCs (GameFront)

Jim Sterling, "How corporations have ruined console gaming but made PC gaming that much better!"

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Why o why2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

wait a sec......can i play lbp, gears 3, uncharted series, gow series, GT series, forza series, demon souls on pc. No disrespect to pc gaming but i think pc gaming is being gimped by consoles. When was the last time a goty was on PC.

slow the ef down Pandamobile

my response is to this
'Consoles Have Just Become Sh*tty PCs'

now of course theres great pc games who said there wasnt but i have my preference and the sh*tty pc consoles have had a few gotys on em. If some of those were exclusive to pc you could say whatever you like but there hasnt been one according to the console preferring media. You just come across as a sensitive pc ass. ¬_¬ did you even read the part i said i think pc gaming is being gimped by consoles. So many devs shifting focus NOT ALL buy many are putting more resources into console counterparts which may not have existed a gen ago if you know what i mean...chill the ef out

Pandamobile2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Pretty much every "GOTY" in the last 5 years has been a multiplatform game with a PC version.

Then you go and name a bunch of games made/published either by the platform holder themselves, or a Japanese company.

Can I play games like LBP, Uncharted and Demon Souls on my PC? No. That's why I have a PS3 sitting downstairs.

Can you play games like League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft 2 and Civ 5 on your PS3? No you can't.

Stop acting like you need a console to play good games, cus you just come off sounding like a complete ass.

MintBerryCrunch2493d ago

but you can play TF2 on PS3

i understand why you would say that you "cant" though, one terrible port

Baka-akaB2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

i dont think that what he told you . Its actually usually the other way around .

It's a few pc users and authors that act as if the exclusives onsoles games are irrelevant and not good enough to be decisive .
Just like pc got its own set of suitable titles with its fanbase , console games do too .

Do you think it matters for say a jrpg fanatic that pc are more powerful and got the better version of multiplatforms with mods ? Nope not unless he wait for a few years for good emulation down the line .

Likewise a rts or mmo fanatic might not give a crap about jrpgs or uncharted .

Those article always works under the flawed premise that its the same "shit" allaround with the same titles for both .

Not its not at all . There is a middle ground with a shared pool of multiplatform games , tha's it.

Only for someone only picking up games from that shared pool , would picking up pc only for its obvious benefits (mods , better perf , with the option of playing the games with a pad on a couch JUST like consoles if you fancy that) , or a pc games only fan , be truly important .

I happens to like both world . I still favor one , but that's solely based of my love for genres like jrpg and fighting games . Until some utopian machine got it all , both sides are vastly exagerating their superiority .

Redempteur2492d ago

"Pretty much every "GOTY" in the last 5 years has been a multiplatform game with a PC version. "

wait so you can play uncharted 2 or LBP1 on pc ?

good to know /s

blackmagic2492d ago

I would say that the entire RTS genre isn't represented on console. Actually, now that I think about it, pretty much any game with any amount of complexity isn't on console. Civilization, sim games, tycoon games etc

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32492d ago

It seems why o why has struck a chord with the PC crowd, but it is the truth that he is stating.

Deadman_Senji2492d ago

Civ 5

I can do without all of these games. I don't care about any of them. There are a lot of great PC games but not what you listed. Try again.

Pandamobile2492d ago

And I could easily live without LBP, Uncharted and whatever other console exclusive games there are.

I've had my PS3 for over a year and 95% of its usage has been for Netflix, movies and music.

Rainstorm812492d ago

What about Red Dead Redemption....a multiplat GotY exclusive to consoles?? In the last five year majority of the GotY games have not been available on PC.....

Pandamobile2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

GOTY is relative anyway. You can call your console game of the year Red Dead Redemption. I'll call my PC game of the year Star Craft 2.

There's entity that chooses an overall game of the year.

Rainstorm812492d ago

Just responding to this statement "Pretty much every "GOTY" in the last 5 years has been a multiplatform game with a PC version."

Which is 100% unequivocally WRONG

Pandamobile2492d ago

2006 - Oblivion, Twilight Princess, Gears of War. Two of the three had PC versions.

2007 - Orange Box, COD4, Bioshock. All had PC versions.

2008 - Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto 4. Both had PC versions.

2009 - Uncharted 2. Can't argue with that.

2010 - Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 was on PC.

2011 - Year's not over yet, but I can assure you that a majority of the GOTY awards will be split among Portal 2, Uncharted 3 and Skyrim; two of which are on PC...

So yeah, wanna tell me again that we don't get any game of the year games on PC?

Rainstorm812492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

"So yeah, wanna tell me again that we don't get any game of the year games on PC?"

Maybe you arent responding to me, but i never made that claim, what I said was that majority of them are on consoles...and you have multiple games every year, every game that slaps GOTY on the box isnt Goty, whats your source?


Game Developer Choice Awards

AIAS and Game Devs are a little more reputable IMHO, How about that? and that even helps you out as they had ME2 as 2010 Goty...but the amount of console titles on the list since 96', shows its not about power as much as it is about the devs behind the power.

Consoles just give you a wide diverse range of games...not that PC doesnt but thats where it comes down to the Devs

SilentNegotiator2492d ago

"Pretty much every "GOTY" in the last 5 years has been a multiplatform game with a PC version"

"GOTY is relative anyway"

Relative when it's convenient apparently. And nice try completely omitting Halo 3 from your 2007 list.

Pandamobile2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I was just pilling through the large amalgam of GOTY crap on Wikipedia.

Raiinstorm, the links you posted,

From the GDCA, 6/10 of them were on PC.
and from the AIAS, 9/14 were on PC.

I don't even know what or who the hell I'm arguing about right now.

Point is, there's way too many console kids who think good games don't exist on PCs. I'm just trying to add another perspective.

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Letros2493d ago

No need to be an ass about it man, maybe PC exclusives just are not for you. I have a need for SC2 just about every night, I can't exactly get that on my PS3.

Though, I enjoy my PS3 as well, had a great time with God of War III and looking forward to the new Twisted Metal.

Why o why2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Urrrghh. Im not downplaying pc gaming im just highlighting some of the good games on so called sh*tty pc consoles and that all of this console gens goty have been on consoles. If the writter thinks that all consoles are crap pcs then i say where are its better versions of lbp, gears, uncharted etc. I sound defensive because i was responding to a baiting title whilst highlighting that its all about games. Ive nothing against pc gamers or gaming apart from when some of their fans downplay consoles and its games. Im sure some would say the same about console gamers too so dont get me wrong.

Although consoles have become more and more like pcs or 'sh*tty' ones they still manage to get quality games on them that everybody with a console can play at the same level baring exclusivity. Apart from more efficent chips in the newer console skus there is no difference. The days of sticking a cartridge into a console, pressing on and playing a game within 15 seconds are almost dead. Handhelds are now what consoles used to be. Pc gaming has also borrowed from console but consoles have borrowed more from pcs. Cant hate the tech that helped consoles step up...can take issue with the elitists that think people cant laud another platforms offence but do i really have to name the great games for the platform that isnt being attacked just so some arent offended...really?

capcock2492d ago

Consoles are just shitty PCs hardware wise, but exclusives is what defines a console the most and all of the consoles have a nice amount of exclusives except the Xbox360.

BUT PC has more exclusives than all of these 3 consoles combined +emulators+steam discounts+superior multiplats+ better community+better servers+better performance+better graphics+ FREEDOM=

THE ultimate gaming platform

DragonKnight2492d ago

"BUT PC has more exclusives than all of these 3 consoles combined."

Yeah if you wanna count indie flash games and the like.


Because I can't play my SNES, N64, PS1 etc.. right?

"+steam discounts"

Amazon discounts.

"+superior multiplats"

in visuals only. everything else is the same.

"+better community"

myth. see griefers, MMO trolls, restricted clans, level banning, class banning. etc...

"+better servers"

irrelevant considering servers are not platform specific they are either publisher/developer specific or individually specific. Has nothing to do with PC, everything to do with those in control of the servers.

"+better performance"

Non-universally. Better performance is rig specific.

"+better graphics"

Big deal. Still the same game. A game with sh*tty gameplay/story/characters that looks good is still a sh*tty game.


If you're talking mods, PS3 is opening the door to that on consoles so, irrelevant. Any other form of freedom is only in place because PC gaming is a lot easier for hackers and crackers to break open and do whatever they want. Trust that if PC devs had the ability to be as restrictive, they would be.

"THE ultimate gaming platform"

Doesn't exist yet.

evrfighter2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Um u know that amazon discounts dont hold a candle to steam discounts right?

if you are going to try and discount superior performance and visuals, then by your own logic the blu-ray format is a waste of time. The only thing that really sets it apart from dvd is higher resolution. while the difference from console to pc is
120fps vs. 30fps Ok cod gives you 60 at times
sub 720p vs 1200p and 1600p
limited to one screen vs. eyefinity, nvidia surround

And ps3 opening its modding doors? The only game moddable on ps3 is ut3. u can point to what devs are saying but they are just saying and not doing. The fact remains that ut3 is all u got for modding.

And having superior online gaming is irrelevent now? I guess u like host disconnects and p2p hosting where competitive gaming is tossed out the window due to the zero ping advantage.

The ultimate gaming platform is here. But not made accessible to the casual gamer such as youself.

wsoutlaw872492d ago

the only thing pc has is graphics. Consoles have more AAA exclusives and genres, a universal gaming os, a controller made for games and a fully integrated network with all your friends, trophies/achievements, store, and text/voice chat on every game. And you can do it all in front of your wide screen tv, comfortably leaned back in a chair, all with 7.1 surround sound. Im supposed to give that up just because high end pcs look a little better.

kramun2491d ago

'Consoles have more AAA exclusives and genres'

Not everyone cares about exclusives, games are games and pc gamers have access to far more games than console only gamers. And more genres of games, I'm not sure why you think consoles have more genres :/

'a universal gaming os'

Yeah,um,ok. If you think that even matters then I suppose that's some kind of positive.

'a controller made for games'

Pc gamers can use a wide variety of controllers for gaming - M+K,joypads,joysticks,motion controllers,wheels,etc. More so than consoles gamers have access to.

'and a fully integrated network with all your friends, trophies/achievements, store, and text/voice chat on every game.'

Ever heard of Steam?

'And you can do it all in front of your wide screen tv, comfortably leaned back in a chair, all with 7.1 surround sound.'

And you can also do this with a pc. You also have modding, which is something you don't have on console, which adds a lot to games. A game you may have played a few years ago may be a bit long in the tooth, but with mods you can completely change the game, not just graphically but also gameplay wise.

I have consoles because there are games on there that I do enjoy, but your argument that pc gaming is just about graphics is wrong, and the points you made are terrible.

Highlife2492d ago

Do we really need these articles everyday now. Just game where the hell you want. Just play games it is that simple. Peace.

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Godmars2902493d ago

The real problem is that many PC devs have moved over while not understanding that they're building under limited standards.

capcock2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Did u forget that there's been an economic decline for a while?

That's why devs are going multplatform, they want to gain as much money as they can.

guitar_nerd_232493d ago

I actually think I almost agree with this article.

I do get fed up with installs and patches and updates on consoles, but I think next gen they'll have ironed out the kinks and everything will be stealthily pushed in the background and silently installed.

I feel the biggest benefit of console gaming for gamers and the industry is that the platform holders basically have to invest enormas amounts of money into producing software in order to differnciate their platform. Which normal developers and publishers would have no need or desire for such financial risk taking and benefits the gamer by giving them killer exclusive games and also inpires and pushes on the standard of quality to be met by other developers and publishers

yesmynameissumo2493d ago

I wish the guy didn't need (or receive) the attention he obviously yearns for. First the Gears review drama he created (Cliff was joking) and now this. PC gaming has a space, a community and great games. Same goes for consoles.

smashcrashbash2493d ago

Yawn. PC is greater then consoles article number 500, 250. What is it you people want?

DragonKnight2492d ago

Validation for all the money they spend on hardware so that they can get software that only looks better but essentially still is the same game, with the same story, same characters, and same gameplay.

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