Batman: Arkham City: Five ways Rocksteady could get it wrong

OXM UK: "Confident as we are that the Dark Knight's next outing will be worth your time, we have pondered its seeming perfection and concluded that in fact, there are a handful of things that it is possible to be concerned about. Without further ado..."

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NukaCola2524d ago

Not even worth the time. And why the hell would you make and article like this?

dirigiblebill2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

I made an article about it because, believe it or not, I have concerns about the game that deserve discussion. If you feel they're not "worth the time", don't waste your time commenting.

rabidpancakeburglar2524d ago

I'll pick it apart for you.

1. The combat has been added to so I'm sure that there will be a lot of surprising new combat features. If the combat kept you interested during the first game then there should be no problem with this.

2. Seriously? That isn't even worth replying to.

3. Yes there are a lot of character confirmed but you don't know their level of involvement, some may just be mentioned in passing such as in AA. If they are all enemies which you go up against then I'm sure that the story will find a clever way to accommodate it.

4. That's actually a legitimate concern and the first I'm hearing about it.

5. With the exception of the final boss fight, and maybe Bane, the boss fight in AA were decent enough. If they improve them though then I will be thrilled.

Jam_sponge2523d ago

Nothing wrong with getting fears of your chest. I agree about open world but the shotgun looks pretty awesome.

JellyJelly2523d ago

What's this thing with journalists writing off games before they're even released? It's downright retarded.

I saw another article about Battlefield 3 not having enough destruction. Well, how the f*ck would they know until they've played the retail version and gotten the full experience, as opposed to a demo?

dirigiblebill2523d ago

Where in the article do you get the impression that anybody's "writing off" anything?

"Confident as we are that the Dark Knight's next outing will be worth your time..."

N311V2523d ago

Good well thought out article. I have to say all but one are potential problems for me. I'd like probably nothing more than new animations in the combat, don't fix what isn't broken. It will bother me if the combat hasn't changed at all though. I'm now most concerned about the story of the game, hopefully it's engaging as bordem is a game killer for me.

Captain Qwark 92523d ago

im buyin it at midnight, only game this if it sucks i wont know til after lol i dont think any of these will be deal breakers except maybe too many characters.....

FrightfulActions2523d ago

Wait, did I read that correctly? Batman with a shotgun? Electric or otherwise, that sounds... so alien and weird. Granted it could have tactical purposes outside of battle, but... honestly the only type of 'gun' I can see Batman ever firing, lethal or not, is a grappling hook.

But I wont jump to conclusions. I mean, when I first heard about AA I was sure it would be horrible, because whens the last time anyone did a Batman game right. Rocksteady blew all our expectations out of the water with AA, and proved that there could be a truly awesome Batman game.

I'll have to trust them to keep AC respectful to the iconic character of Batman and not introduce elements too out of place for him. Sure, using a taser shotgun may seem weird for Batman but... Well I'm hoping they work it so it 'feels' right. Having faith! Lol.