IGN: Japan's Biggest Gaming Franchises

IGN: Japanese gaming isn't what it used to be. Publishers and developers are struggling to find a global audience, and even Nintendo has its problems.
We have a suggestion for Japanese games companies: team up. Like Megazord and Captain Planet before them, the time has come for Japanese third party publishers to join together for the greater good.

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tiffac0082522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

The sequels should not have been on the PSP to begin with.

So it could have been a big title if Sega didn't put the sequels on the PSP. :<

Venox20082521d ago

please Capcom, release new Onimusha! X360/Ps3 or wherever you want! :)

Jappy-k72521d ago

Japan....limitless innovation! that's why i love Japanese games they are all different and unique.
Japan is simply...the best at EVERYTHING!