HD Version of the 399 PlayStation 3 Commercial

"The Sony PlayStation 3 has been often criticized for its eccentric and odd commercials such as "This is Living" theme, and a soccer fan masturbating with a tube socks commercial in Europe. But they finally got it right this time, and this commercial has been out for about 2 weeks, but this version is in HD."

Jump to see the HD version of the fancy 399 commercial. This was shown before in SD version, but the true beauty of this commercial was meant to be watched in High Def (full screen).

I am sorry, I wasn't aware that the Divx plug in was needed to view the video, my apologies. People who are unable to view the video either download the plug in or forget about it. I was able to see it, so I assumed everyone was able to see it. Sorry!

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aiphanes4046d ago

They are the best ads for any console...makes the wii ads look like childrens ads.......LOL

lawman11084045d ago

The Wii is a weak system that has a gimmick that makes non gamers use it @ partys ect. Was never ment to be a 360 or PS3.

Bubble Buddy4045d ago

yeah wii is a fad in my opinino, everyone in my school thats a girl wants one cause it looks "fun" to play. but anyways, i only want SSBB nothing else from that >.>

whateva4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

you updated your flash player so you can see youtube videos but you cry about the Divx plug-in what is wrong with you people stage6 is 50 times better then youtube right now. and by the way youtube is going HD in a few months are you people going to cry when you have to update your flash player again?

OK now what was we talking about again oh yeah the PS3 ad!
yeah it looks nice.

ruibing4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Firefox makes the upgrade very easy, or you can only install the web player without divx by using the installer from below:

Darkiewonder4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

The ad rocked! ;o

More about the games, a little less about the blu-ray movie. which they should totally just do in another commmercial or at least let someone else do it.

DrWan4045d ago

you will need it sooner or later, the interweb is moving towards divx encoding, even Sony is in deal with Divx to have Divx support for the PS3. No more converting files in order to view it on ur PS3.

ruibing4045d ago

Almost didn't recognize lawman until I noticed his comments. Must you rant on just about every PS3 tagged article, you are a sad, sad little/big man/woman.

cow moolester4045d ago

This is the best Ps3 ad of them all...too bad Sony still only show the ad where the guy puts the poodle in the washing machine over here in Europe :(

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The story is too old to be commented.