Battlefield 3 Commander was a hot topic at DICE

The removal of the Commander feature in Battlefield 3 has disappointed a lot of fans, and the issue was a hot topic at DICE's studio.

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latinalover2275d ago

That is good. No more bs hiding while other teammates getting killef

Rearden2275d ago

I don't think you've played BF2. The commander was a huge importance to the team.

latinalover2275d ago

This isnt bf2. Its a bf3.

KillaManiac2275d ago

Having a commander drop supplies next to a tank or artillery a enemy tank could easily change the makeup of a battle.

I loved the commander spot no question.

Hufandpuf2275d ago

Commander was usually the guy who knew the map the most, and provided much needed artillery.

caboose322275d ago

Having a good commander in BF2 meant having a good team.

ginsunuva2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

At the end they realized that 12 year olds would get frustrated at the game's "complexity" and give up, going back to cod where the only focus is kd ratios.

So they just HAD to leave it out - even the pc version. Dumping new original ideas for more shooting.

Jack_DangerousIy2275d ago

I understand your point, but it's not a "new original" idea. It's in BF2.

Also, it IS a shooter. So it makes sense for it to have "more shooting".


SSmoke2275d ago

Awe no commander?? I really enjoyed that spot, it was limited to the highest rank wich made you want to get commander and the supply drops were a life saver! I liked the emp drop on 2142..