Atlus extends online server support for Demon's Souls into 2012

Atlus today announced plans to again extend its online server support for the award-winning hardcore multiplayer action RPG Demon's Souls for PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, ensuring that the game's acclaimed online functionality is available into 2012.

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fluffydelusions2489d ago

LOL, I remember just a few months back when it was a huge ordeal they were cutting off server support and now it's been extended. WTG Atlus.

Dark_king2488d ago

I believe this is the third or forth extension.

Getowned2488d ago

Demon's Souls can't die..

You don't kill Demon's kills you.

MasterCornholio2488d ago

Yay i just started to play it again.

n4gisatroll2488d ago

I for one, am extremely happy its extended again :D I love demons souls and would love to play it. Even after dark souls.

Getowned2488d ago

I was thinking about re-playing it for the 1000th time but i just got WKC2 and i want to beat that but Demon's Souls is sooooo tempting!! i know if i play demon's souls i will never play WKC2 lol as soon as Dark souls is out no other game will be in my PS3 for months LOL

Max Power2488d ago

Same here, though I have to admit that I disable my network connection before I play it. Nothing like trying to farm when black phantoms appear, cool aspect, but very annoying.

ScubaSteve12488d ago

thank god i plat before the servers went down

n4gisatroll2488d ago

Who would disagree about it not been down? Idiots.

The_Nameless_One2488d ago

You can still plat and be offline.

HeavenlySnipes2488d ago

difficult without the hints by other players.

coolbeans2488d ago

Can't they just hand them over to Sony so they can focus on Dark Souls?

Zechs342488d ago

Atlus has nothing to do with Dark Souls, just Demon Souls. Bandai Namco is the new publisher for Dark Souls (created by From Software) just FYI :)

coolbeans2488d ago

Thank you for that insight.

malol2488d ago

horraaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.