Atlus plugs into Xbox 360

RPG-centric publisher to bring Operation Darkness and Spectral Force 3 to Microsoft's console in 2008.

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WilliamRLBaker3994d ago

Now I just wish they'd being the other great strat rpgs they've released on the ps2 and or ps3.

bootsielon3993d ago

Like Bully, DMC3 (in Europe), and others. I also remember when they said "NG Sigma? Who cares, the original sucked anyway".

If you're gonna ask for more japanese games (or simply more games in general), why not ask for more games instead of ports?

ry-guy3993d ago

First and foremost: Whoever said Ninja Gaiden sucked needs their head examined. The game was hard, no doubt about that. However, you were getting a 3-year-old port and I think it was the Playstation 3 players that were saying "Look at this awesome exclusive we just got!"

Again, I think no one ever reads the articles posted on here.

Atlus has said nothing about porting any old Playstation 1, 2, or 3 games over to the Xbox 360. What Atlus has pledged is to become an official third-person producer for the 360. Also, they announced two new exclusive games coming in 2008 for the Xbox and moving on that was Xbox 360, Japan only, exclusive to the Western Markets.

Way to read the article.

PS360WII3994d ago

I like Atlus games they have a pretty good track record IMO so far. Looks like a couple stratagy RPG's coming up for 360. Could be intresting.

TheMART3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

More and more exclusive 3rd party support (or first support at least) for the 360. Do people start to see the 360 has taken up the spot the PS2 had last gen?


To the one below. Too easy

What about former Playstation exclusives coming over to the XBOX 360???

Virtua Fighter 5
Devil May Cry 4
Resident Evil 5
Ace Combat 6

and those first thought to be PS3 exclusive like Assassins Creed, or games like Lost Planet way before it it releases on the PS3.

No dude. The 360 just gets more support then the PS3, it is clear. You can't keep putting up MGS4 or FFXIII, which both still could be released on the 360. Untill that time you'll enjoy mentioning them I guess.

allforcalisto3993d ago

that's why FFXIII, FFXIII versus, and mgs4 are exclusive to 360...wait no they're actually not.

For some inane reason i see lemmings putting Last remnant up as title that shows third party devs are leaving sony...umm that game's multiplat, just so you know more people want it on ps3.

Resident evil 5 could be a 360 exclusive, or at least timed exclusive.. you know microsoft probably tried to secure that, but evidently that flopped.

two of the biggest third party games that are poised to come out in 08 are FFXIII, MGS4

the mart..sometimes you make it too easy.

WilliamRLBaker3993d ago

what has the most console sales worldwide with no sign of ps3 catching up?
360 and Wii
What system has the highest attached ratio for the past 2 years? 360
What system has more games, and is geting more games for the past 2 years, and next year? 360
What system will be the first to hit the 150 dollar price point? The wii then the 360 and then 4 years later the ps3.

yep it pretty much seems that its a tie 360 and wii have dominated the place as what the ps2 was last gen.
Infact I liken the 360 more to the ps1 it came onto the scene then stole all this great stuff from ninty or sony:)

HarryEtTubMan3993d ago

theMART is a dreamer. The Xbox 360 is selling NOTHING LIKE THE PS2. YOU'RE FREAKING HILARIOUS. YOU WISH. The Xbox 180 won't even sale 50 million consoles this generation. Seriously, NOT EVEN HALF. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. It's so true. All the big franchises are out on the 360 and it hasnt sold well AT ALL except fot the serptember and it dropped back of for October. LOL LOL LOL LOL. The Xbox 360 bring NOTHING NEW OR INNOVATIVE to the gaming world. Most of the 17 year old Halo fangirls alrewady have a 360.. like I bought mine(even though i HATE GAYLO now) You are seriously gonna lose. The 360 has NO MOMENTUM. It only attracts ONE TYPE OF MAN/BOY. Who is attracted in shooters primarily....ofcourse thats not all it has but thats the ONLY THING its known for. Not everyone likes that. The Xbox 360 is the ULTIMATE hardcore machine. You are going to see the PS3 become more and more mainstream as the years go by. LBP, Buzz, Singstar, GTK, Uncharted, Jax and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank,so many more coming in the near future. PS3 is the future. 360 has hit its BIGGEST stride it WILL EVER HIT .....RIGHT NOW!!!!! Actually back in September. PERIOD. PS3 hasnt even begun!

felidae3993d ago

i need games like God of War or Ratchet for the 360.

please make some great games for the xbox 360, please.

InMyOpinion3993d ago

If you like God of War and Ratchet then why don't you just buy a PS3? I bought a 360 cause I prefer games like Mass Effect, Halo, PGR etc.

ben hates you3993d ago

if you like God of war you Might like Too human

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