Pro Evolution Soccer 12 Review- Jeuxvideo

Yes... That recovery! While the football world has found its stride, it's time for football simulations to invest our lives. Always placed winner but less often in recent years, Pro Evolution Soccer now focuses on the collective and the freedom of action of the player. So in 2011, the grass is greener she finally at Konami?

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fluffydelusions2372d ago

I'll be buying FIFA 12 next week.

eferreira2371d ago

ive been buying fifa every other year, maybe ill change it up and pick up this game

Baka-akaB2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Rofl Jeuxvideos is a joke . And it's not something i'd blurt angrily as some pes fan .

They just are truly the least interesting french outlet for games . Their review are worthless and not well written nor informative ,whatever the score is .

People mostly go there for its huge forum and the amount of tips and walktrough , and a relatively big library of trailers (basically the french gametrailers)

Masta Kaos2371d ago

75? U gots to b smoking bleach or something