Enslaved: Odyssey to the West’s thematic failure

Nightmare Mode's Eric Swain analyzes Enslaved's themes and its ending.

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zeal0us2405d ago

Namco should had release the game at a better date and supplied better marketing.

Kurisu2405d ago

Better marketing? This game was advertised SO much when it launched in the UK! Don't know about other territories, though.

NukaCola2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Ninja Theory bashed Sony and call Enslaved better than Uncharted since it was anounced thereby resulting in piss poor PS3 sales.

They also made a game that had almost zero marketed value to the current 360 demographic.

Then they used the Unreal Engine (which many devs cant master like Epic, Bioware or Rocksteady) instead of their own and created a game with mediocre gameplay and visually and technically flawed.

The story was of course phenomenal and the whole idea behind it was wonderful, but in the end it was a low B average product. And as I said, NJ should of kept their mouths shut about Sony gamers. Heavenly sword is pushing 1.8mil which is a lot for a launch title and an exclusive at that. I guess they thought this game would of cleared 3mil or someting on 360 alone.

gillri2405d ago

indeed, it was advertised well in the UK. gopt to number 5 in the charts and was still in the top 10 a weekk later

VileAndVicious2405d ago


True NT did bash Sony a little but to completely honest the average consumer couldnt care less, or even know about that. Not everyone comes to gaming sites to read up on all that latest gaming news.

Zeal0us hit the nail on the head Enslaved wasnt bad per se. But it came out at a bad time (the same day as Lords of shadow I believe) not to mention it had ZERO marketing here in the states as to be expected from the likes of Namco or even sega. Thats like saying Platinum games studios games dont sell well because they made a bad ps3 port of bayonetta.

FAGOL2405d ago

They should of made a better game. Enslaved was a dissapointment. Some people say that it didn't get enough attention, but I think it got what it deserved. A mediocre game at best.

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gillri2405d ago

well the gameplay was mediocre, the setting character and story was very memorable

hence why it got 8/10's pretty much accros the board

t0mmyb0y2405d ago

I really enjoyed it. Not very often I'll replay a game on a harder difficulty.

Godchild10202405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I bought this game over Castlevania and I'm glad I did. I loved the story and the game play. This is one of the few games this Gen, that I played more then twice.

While it didn't sell as well, I'm happy that I bought.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2405d ago

I feel this way too. I know a lot of people somehow did not like this game as well but that's those peoples opinions and I respect it fully.

NukaCola2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Enslaved was well worth a playthrough but I didn't think it was what it could of been.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow is by far one of the greatest games this generation. One of, if not the most visually stunning multiplat action game out now. The story was perfect, the visuals were un believable. The frame rate cut in on the gameplay and the platforming wasn't always perfect. Outside the ending boss, this entire game was nearly flawless. And a single player game that is 20+ hours is such an achievement. I couldnt believe this game was that damn big. If you haven't played this game, this is a must buy!

VileAndVicious2405d ago

@Nuka Cola

LoS was pretty lackluster to me I did the opposite and bought it day one instead of enslaved.

Hindsight, to me Enslaved was better true combat wasnt the greatest but LoS was just so blandly bad to me. And I didnt even feel like a Castlevania title they obviously just tacked the name on for brand recognition.

Los was like part uncharted, Shadow of the Colossus and God of war there was NOTHING memorable about it. The story was painfully predictable (I knew what would happen to Gabriel and who he would become within the first two or three hours of playing the game) even the combat was pretty meh*

I mean it certainly wasnt the worst game Ive ever played, but one of the greatest games of this generation? No sir.

Kurisu2405d ago

I agree! I really need to get around to buying Pigsys Perfect 10 as well.

Sheikah2405d ago

I utterly agree. It was a sleeper hit for me. Fantastic experience. Loved it to bits :)

t0mmyb0y2405d ago

lol I just said "Not very often I'll replay a game on a harder difficulty." then read your comment just underneath. :D

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Hellsvacancy2405d ago

It could of been better, alot better, i wanted to like it, i liked the music, the art style, even the characters, but it was just.....clonky, unfinished

Talkin about unfinished i didnt even finish the game, probably did 80% of the game, just grew bored, traded the mofo in

FAGOL2405d ago

Agreed. At no point during the game did I feel compelled to continue. I traded it in for AC: Brotherhood. Which is a awesome game btw.

gillri2405d ago

both are awesome, some gamers can just get into games more than other people can

the people that can? they get more out of games than the people that dont

Jappy-k72405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

in my life, I regret buying 2 games COD: black ops and Enslaved, it was just that bad and that's the reason why it failed...
I swear El Shaddai and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom were soo much better than this game yet no one writes articles about them...

I hope DmC FAILS even harder!

Ramas2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

agree on call of duty and strongly disagree about enslaved.
about DMC do not care at all

TheoreticalParticle2405d ago

This game was shit.

Attack tracking on combos was fucking ridiculous. You're hit a guy with the first hit of a combo, and then Monkey's follow-ups would push you past the enemy you hit with your first swing.

It also borrows the worst gameplay canard of the generation, Uncharted's "Impossible Path" platforming. Monkey has to execute a series of jumps, ledgeholds, and parkour that only he can make. It's only one way the player can get across. What's-her-face splits up and meets you on the other side.

But even worse than the gameplay was the story. At some point the two come across a terrarium and what's-her-face comments that it's a perfect closed ecosystem. Plankton grows from the sunlight, the small fish eat the plankton, the big fish eat the small fish, and so on. Utter bullshit. The big fish eat the small fish. The small fish don't have time to have a next generation of small fish, because the big fish need to consume them at a faster rate than the small fish can reproduce. Then the big fish die of starvation, and all that's left is plankton.

This is just one of the many, many plot holes the game writers left behind. (Entirely unsurprising, considering that Heavenly Sword is one of the biggest messes in video game history in terms of plot.)

This is exactly what I expected after hearing how much shit-talking and self-fellation they were doing before they released their game. It's like LeBron Shames talking about how he's gonna have 7 championships with his team before they've gotten 1. Congratulate yourself AFTER you've actually done something.

Ramas2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

you are american?
p.s. strongly disagree with you i think you are stupid, sorry no ofence, but really.....

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