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LAG - "Borderlands is a loot-driven FPS/RPG that released in 2009 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The basis of the game is to complete quests, level up, and attain loot in the form of weapons, shields, mods, and grenades. The game is very innovative in its combination of genres and is very easy to pick up and play for all variations of gamers."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2437d ago

This game was one of the funnest games I played in 09. I'm a big fan of RPG games and Co-Op so of course i loved this game.
All the loot you can collect is massive and makes it so much fun.
I may have to go ahead and finish my 5th play-through before Borderlands 2 :O

NukaCola2437d ago

Borderlands is friggin brillliant. Only thing I could really say negatively is the ending story piece sucked ass. The battle was awesome, but it just ended after that. A 2 second cutscene and then you just collect your final loot and thats that. If you were at 100% like I was, then you couldn't do anything but scratch your head.

Partial SPOILER!!!!!!!!
***************************** ***********************
***************************** **********************
***I dont get why you never got in the vault********
***Seems kind of lame, like they just ran out of money, but other than that..*******It was great*****
***************************** ***********************

Kewl_Kat2437d ago


The vault never existed. It was just a ploy to lure mercenaries/hunters to kill a monster that shows up every 200 years. The real question should be is why not just destroy the portal, or if the portal randomly picks a spot, then why not just track it and destroy it? They have 200 years to plan this out. Other than the rushed ending, a huge chunk of the game is wonderful. There was so much possibilities with the storyline that I was disappointed with how it ended. For example, I thought my character was going to get scammed by Marcus (the weapons dealer), seeing how he'd want to be my business partner, and he talks about it with such a sleazy voice.

consolez_FTW2437d ago

Only fault I had with this game is by the end boss fight, I flew right threw it considering I level grinded hard that whole game! Hopefully in BL2 they find a way to fix that, so the end boss is a challenge.

Quagmire2436d ago

And they sure as hell better up the narrative, it was pretty paper thin in the first game, and whilst the little snippets of info you get about what you're doing was interesting, you never feel like you character is too involved with whats going on.

There needs be more interaction and more dialogue, and a proper narrative. The ending was all like, "oh here's the vault, ok here's a huge boss, now he's dead, end. just happened?"