GameBlurb | Top 5 Deities That Need Their Own Game Franchise

Let’s all face it: being a human sucks by comparison to being a god…Yes, I know that we have certain attributes that are coveted by the gods, but having powers and immortality are pretty damn awesome. Kratos killed any enemy/’slayed’ any woman who came his way and now Asura (one of seven Hindu gods) is ready to show the world that, no matter how many arms, being a god is just plain better than being a mortal. Need more godliness in your life? Check out our list for the top 5 gods that deserve to be the stars in their own series (and check out the insane Asura’s Wrath trailer below)!

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MicrocutsX22558d ago

Baron Samedi is freaking scary. If you ever saw the movie, the fraker never dies.

zeal0us2558d ago

Someone need to set Kratos and Macha on a blind date.

byeGollum2558d ago

I wonder how that would turn out :)

zeal0us2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Macha: Hi, I'm Macha the goddess of war
Kratos: Wait, WTH! Aries had a wife?

Stakenborg2558d ago

Dragons kinda have their own franchise eh?

kramun2558d ago

They need another great game based on Dagon.