Dismissing Products Based on Battery Life: Justified or is it an Unrealistic Expectation?

So today portable electronic products are failing to impress us in battery longevity and Sony’s Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS are no exception to this rule. We’ve read time and time again about how people want to cancel their pre-orders due to the battery life. Are these people justified or are they living with unrealistic expectations?

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NukaCola2517d ago

It's what I call taking some expected and turning it into a bad thing for hits, when the product has nothing but positive remarks otherwise. The Vita is currently the most popular system coming out in the industry. It's highly priased and completely impressive. The battery life was expected. And 3-4 hours is hardcore gaming. When your listening to music or movies, or using apps, etc etc..The batt life is much greater. I know people want this powerful beast to last all day on one charge, but it's running a monster in the palm of your hand...What can you really complain about?

-Mika-2517d ago

I don't know about you guys but i do not play my handheld for 3-5 hours straight.

iamnsuperman2517d ago

Batteries have improved a lot over the years but just are not evolving at the rate the need to more functionality in our products. But we need to criticise so this area will improve and notnget ignored.

smashcrashbash2517d ago

I think the point is that you can't just shove a high powered battery in a device without thinking of weight, shape, size or cost. You want a high powered battery but want the device to stay the same size, weight and cost which is very unreasonable. Its like people saying the VITA should be a phone but don't realize the things that would need to be sacrificed in order to do that including shape and price.

I believe when people are willing to pay for what they want in a device instead trying to get it for pocket change, then maybe the companies wouldn't skimp on the tech. Think about it. If the VITA came with a 32 gigabyte internal hard drive and a ten hour battery would you pay the new more expensive cost they would have to charge for it?

tiffac0082517d ago

And what iamnsuperman said I very much agree on.

Zardos2517d ago

VITA might be the media darling right now but unless that translates into system sales and FAST within the first 3 months then it will follow in the footsteps of the PSP. The battery was expected thanks to all the features included in the portable but people threw a tantrum over the 3DS and it's battery life even before knowing what the VITA's would last.

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