Mass Effect Gameplay Videos: Mako Rover, Sentinel Class, and Exploration has three new Mass Effect gameplay videos. They are titled:

• "Combat Scenario: Mako Rover" - Take the Mako Rover out for spins on away missions and blast through varied environments on different planets.

• "Combat Scenario: Sentinel Class" - The Sentinel class uses medic and tech abilities and is able to attack their enemies without the use of conventional weapons.

• "Galactic Exploration" - Explore the worlds of Mass Effect

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toughNAME3962d ago

and Bioware's Canadian:D

tony3961d ago

i'm getting very anxious with this beauty , can't wait.

Double-Edged3961d ago

i'm blessed that I can play a game like this.

360 only.
sorry PS3

green3961d ago

look i am sick of seeing videos of this game(joking).cant wait for this game to be released.i am buying it on lunch day.

We have been buying loads of software lately.lets continue by supporting this excellent game

tony3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )


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